Q & A concerning anti-air with the Throw


If anyone has some kind of data that can provide to this question I’d appreciate it.

In a previous match I was in I tried to do some anti-throw tactics by jumping in doing nothing and executing a reversal against the throw when I landed such as with Akuma DP, SGS, Teleport, Earthquake. Instead I got grabbed. Not necessarily being grabbed out of the move but being grabbed as if I did completely nothing like a complete scrub. I then tried teching the throw but that didn’t work.

It so happens that my rival told me that if you do the grab a frame before they land , they won’t be able to do shit not even tech. Is this true? I just thought it was due to my sucky timing.


This is not true with empty jumps. It is true if you’re jump-in gets parried, but you said you were doing empty jump-ins. Work on your timing :stuck_out_tongue:




Akuma isn’t your character, go back to Remy.


Ummm even in the case of a ground parry the aerial opponent can tech the throw (unless people have bad timing or something)
and if they do c. forward after the parry Remy can do EX RRF to reverse. I believe this can be applied to other characters as well so Akuma should be able to do earthquake or DP. So theres no excuse.


No, then that means the grounded person has bad timing. There is a slight recovery when landing from a jump attack (I’ve heard 2 frames, seems true but can’t verify). During this period you can’t block or tech throws or do anything else.

This is the main reason some people in Japan still use Hyper Bomb with Alex, for instance…they parry and time the super to connect right when the opponent reaches the ground.

Similar things can be done with non-throws, I’ve seen matches where Ken parries an air attack and gets guaranteed low forward into super.



When you do anything in the air whatsoever, you get a few frames of landing where you can’t do shit but get hit. Thus the free throws, low mk xx super, etcetera. If you’re empty jumping, it’s essentially as though you never jumped at all. You should have plenty of time to do any move that would normally be anti-throw, such as srks, supers, etcetera. This is why empty-jump xx RagingDemon/DeadlyDouble/ShinSho still works.



for the jump in parried tech throw…does it not depend on when the attack/parry was performed? i’ve jumped in on Q and attacked at the apex, he parries, and i land and almost always tech…but then again, maybe im just tired and delusional…-_-


In order to time their throw so you cant tech, they have to do it a little before you land after they parry your attack. The VAST majority of the time people will not time it this way, and why should they when you cant block on landing, they could do anything they wanted. Basically there is like 2 or 3 frames where you cant tech or do anything upon landing from a jumpin attack(not an empty jump in which case you are able to move immediately). Throws take 3 frames to come out. Therefore, in order to throw you during that small window, they would have to be pretty precise and most of the time you will be able to tech out. Of course it would be very easy for them usually to just low fwdxxsuper you, so yeah.

I might be wrong but i am pretty sure that is how it works. I do know though that if you are ballsy empty jump, DP stops any throw attempt every time if you are timing it properly, right when you land.