Q&A: Difficult Zangief questions



Moved these questions out of simple Q&A, cause a) they’re more complexed and b) I wanted some answers!:

  1. Opponent is in the corner, literally with their back against the wall, and your within all throw ranges (including normal throw and atomic suplex range), which throw do you use, normal forward throw, HP SPD or atomic suplex? Note: Ultra 1 is not charged or not available.

  2. Is the one hit EXGH juggle always the go to option, after an anti-air PPP lariat trade, assuming one has an EX bar? What’s the thoughts, on using MP or HP GH instead after the PPP lariat trade to gain positioning and to save the EX bar, at the expense of 50 less guaranteed damage? As I see, option select EXGH, projectile reaction EXGH and EX SPD giving me better millage.

  3. For high level Zangief play, how crucial would you rank a player’s execution of Ultra 1. Like, if a player, could perform it on command 100% of the time? Tick with the jabs and shorts off of it, foward dash, and walk forwards into. Cause backdash Ultra 1, is a nice defensive play. How would things change if, the motion was simplified, eg. 360+3P, 180+3P, QCF+3P, Start Button!!! LOL. Cause I think, its intended to be difficult to execution on purpose, to act as another barrier. Like you can’t easily perform it naked - you have to set it up, like how you setup a “serve and volley” point in tennis.

  4. EXGH is +1 on hit. I view it as a favorable position. Does that essentially mean, you could create the same post EXGH mix-ups, for when Zangief is upclose with + frames? Such as in the following scenarios;
    +5: crouching LP on hit
    +4: crouching LK on hit
    +3: crouching MP on hit
    +2: crouching HP on hit or crouching LP on block
    +2: close standing LP or LK on hit
    +1: blocked crouching LK

How do the above scenarios compare to that of the post EXGH? Which of these is better than, and which are worser than EXGH.

That is all for now. Thanks.

  1. Never Use HP SPD except punish, but get here this distance (~1.5Square) :


If Ryu Hadoken, Gief will “jump in” -> EmptyJump-> HP SPD
If Ryu Shoryuken, Gief will Guard -> HP SPD
If Ryu Jump, Gief will “Jump in” and trade in air with J.Hp
If Ryu Wait, Gief will wait.

2)Lariat = 130DMG ; 150STUNT
2ndHit EX.GH = 50DMG ; 50 STUNT

Total = 180DMG ; 200STUNT
Not any worth but in contexte, at 10sec of the end, use 1Ex and Run…

3)I don’t Understand (Bad english -> French)

4)Never use randomly EXGH ! Punish Hadoken and Combo after jab… In USFIV , EXGH hardknockdown.


exgh does not knocking down in usf4



Close Standing LK now cancellable
Far Standing MP hurtbox slightly expanded; hurtbox in front sticks out 1F before active
Far Standing MK changed from -7 to -3 on hit, from -10 to -7 on block
Diagonal Jump HP hurtbox slightly expanded
L, M and H Banishing Flat start-up speed reduced by 2F; disadvantage on block reduced by 2F
L Banishing Flat changed from -5 to -2 on hit
M and H Banishing Flat block stun increased by 2F
EX Banishing Flat start-up increased from 13F to 16F; second hit causes hard knockdown
L Spinning Pile Driver throw range reduced from 1.75 to 1.7 1.6

Source : http://shoryuken.com/2013/12/28/ultra-street-fighter-iv-capcom-cup-build-change-list/


It was just the EARLY change for zangief
In the final change of USFIV acrade japanese version, EXGH is 100% not knock down

  1. Normal throw. can punish jumpaway, and after tech ur still in a good position.

  2. Unless you have 4 bars, I dont think its smart to use EX-GH after Lariat trade, you need the meter so bad. I always do greenhand for a better position.

  3. If gief had 360 input for U1, that would be really good. But since you most of the time are only in range when you can buffer it allready, it wont make that big a change. Its amazing in SFXT, because it has such insane range.

  4. EXGH is +1 on hit. I view it as a favorable position. Does that essentially mean, you could create the same post EXGH mix-ups, for when Zangief is upclose with + frames? Such as in the following scenarios;
    +5: crouching LP on hit +2 on block.

  • This one is best, it has all the options, you can safely chain into a low and catch backdash mash/poor uppercut mash. Or you can do another before you chain down. Mix it up by not chaining down to land command throws when you have trained the opponent.
    +4: crouching LK on hit +1 Blocked. I only use for the first move after I have done a blocked jumpin, because then I will catch backdash/bad uppercut mash. And then I can mix it up by going in to c.lp and then c.lk to eventually have “guaranteed” blocked jumpins to command throws.