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So I’m getting beaten out by Vega wall dives all day. What do I do to counter this? I used to just focus attack in SF4 and now without that I seem to get wall dived on for free.

If any1 has the guidebook, would they mond posting some of chun-li’s frame data up?

What would be a good wake-up beside ex sbk because i always get hit whenever i get crossed up?


Am I the only one having trouble with chaining her c.LPs?
I don’t know why the timing feels so weird. And I have no problem at all with c.lk

That’s because c. Lp doesn’t chain, you have to link them. Her crouching lk chains though

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It does chain, try mashing it or using turbo.
But for some reason you have only a small window to cancel it into itself

I love Chun-Li, but I am just not getting her in this game. I hear and read about how amazing her poke/AA game is, but I fail to see it. Everything I throw out there gets counter hit or flat out beaten. I am curious if I am just lacking some skill that comes with time or what? Is she just very finesse heavy in this game? Until somewhat recently in life I never cared much for fighting games, but with SSF4 I just wanted to learn to play. I had trouble in SSF4, but kind of started getting the hang of it there for a while. I never got what I would call GOOD, but I could hold my own against average players. So, like I said, is it just that I lack the fighting game experience that will come with time and improve the skills required for playing her? Thanks for any input you guys/gals may be able to throw my way.

What BnB are you guys using for punishes, hit confirm and to super?
My footsies are on point, but I’m losing a lot because I just can’t do enough damage.

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Chun-Li’s double punch jump in as an overhead is killing me. Are there any tells i can look for, do you have to us it late in the jump? Seems like if she doesn’t do it and I don’t catch it, it’s a free low. Any advice?

Anti air? Chun has a real floaty jump and the hit boxes on her jump ins are insanely amazing

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Thanks, lol, but besides that :P. Characters like Asuka without EX have unusable AA on especially meaty jump-ins. Obviously I could roll, but assuming she reads me is there anything especially telling about the double overhead? Sorry, but when you say her hitboxes are amazing, do you mean for her or me?

Ding ding ding. That’s pretty much SF4 Chun-Li in a nutshell. (I have the feeling it will extend to SFxT Chun).

It’s all about exp and being familiar and comfortable with her tools, assets, and limitations. Being aware of (and correctly using) her anti airs takes time. She has good tools, but because of her cons you have to be a tad better than the other guy, and work for your wins.

Plus don’t be so hard on yourself, the game is very young, and not everyone progresses at the same rate.

Cool thank you 4neqs for the input. People tell me I am pretty hard on myself all the time. I guess that is just drive in me that expects more out of myself and the desire to be better.

Whats Chun’s best meterless and metered punishes when you anti air with her df. lk?

After AA df.lk, what I’ve been doing is s.jab walk forward a little cl.s.hk xxx l.hazanshu.

A lot of it is spacing and timing the normal. At least for me, try hitting the button slightly earlier to anti air. She doesn’t have invincibility frames on her normals, just good hitboxes that need to be active. I would practice something like ryu in training mode. Set dummy or a friend to jump in with an air attack and find the right spacing and timing to standing HP or df+LK him out of the air. It’s not all purpose like a dragon punch you need to know the spacing.

I keep missing the combo after a launcher. The knee into foot stomp into the target combo. cl.HK, j. d+mk, j FP, FP. I only get the foot stomp to connect half the time and I’ve never hit the punches. It always seems to low. I’ve done the 3 foot stomps sometimes. Any advice on timing? Or what I’m doing wrong?

Wall dives are easy to counter, just use spread eagle (straight jump HK). Idiots online pick him to wall dive all day long thinking it’s an unstoppable move, and you will laugh out of your mind when you watch them as they can’t comprehend that their wall dives can be stopped. You will find great rivalry with Vegas who know how to utilize his pokes though. His pokes rivals Chun’s.

I never actually tried foot stomp into TC yet, so sorry. As for after tag three foot stomps, it is easy once you get the hang of it. Most of times when I had difficulties are when my s.HK doesn’t connect, due to pressing it too early. Make sure she runs the entire way before pressing it, timing is crucial. Jump cancel immediately, and press down MK twice or triple for the first stomp. The other stomps should be easy to follow.

Ok, for AA, I personally use s.MK and s.HP, depending on the situation. s.HP if he’s landing a bit far from you, and s.MK for a tad closer. If he’s trying to jump around you during knock out to cross over, my choice is df LK. But remember it’s no Shoryuken, so you might get a traded or beaten a few times. It just requires patience and analysis of the situation.

As for her poking game, s.MP is your key. This baby can be used for mixups. You can cancel s.MP into either MK Hazanshu or cr.HK, which hit high and low respectively. Mixing up those two will drive your opponent insane. She doesn’t have invincibility on her pokes though, so don’t throw them around when you have a feeling you can be stuffed.

Against big characters like Zangief, Hugo or Kuma, you want to stand the furthest away possible and keep hitting them with s.HK as much as possible, never too predictable. This is the furthest poke for Chun, but it requires a big slow target to reach the head of the character.

You can also stand full screen away and throw in a LP fireball. The opponent may like to either:

Stand and block: keep dashing behind your fireball as a protection. This is a great way to get in as this fireball acts like your escort on your way in. You may also like to either do a HK hazanshu for high, cr.HK for low, or for slow reaction opponents try df.HK for a cross up. Great mix up game.

Jump over the fireball: prepare your AA. You can see him a mile away and he’s your bitch now. Give him the s.HP or s.MK he deserves.

Counter with his own fireball: Someone like Ryu is slow on recovery, enough time to jump in and target combo him, or if not on time at least pressure him with a block string. Guile’s sonic boom is much faster though and window is very tight, so it is situational.

Do an invincible dash (ex: Kazuya’s mist step): Usually some characters have follow ups after the dash like Kazuya’s electric uppercut. You want to stay out of the dash’s range and poke him once he reach’s the limit of the dash.

Best tip ever: Don’t jump alot.