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I dont have time to physically test it out, but I’m pretty sure [b.MK MK] JC j.HK cs.HK xx Legs is a better df.LK ender; I’m basing it off the fact that it has 2 Medium and 2 Hard inputs compared to your jab one.

Thanks! And awesome advice. Much appreciated!

You can try air throws on wall dives too, in the times where you feel j. :hp: or neutral j. :hk: won’t work.

Chun-li has an amazing jump that doesn’t get punished by many AA, especially air grabs like asuka or marduk. Since she floats it throws off the timing for most people. And remember, you don’t always have to use her jumping HP, she also has HK which stuffs alot of AA’s (flashkick) or exchanges (SRK) when timed properly.

I’m using back MK, MK, j.HK, s.HK, hazanshu to punish. It takes 364 damage with no meter, and combos from damn near everything she can throw out. It also works on a tag in and after EX spinning bird kick in the corner.

Optimal meterless punishes would either be:

cl.st.:hk: xx :lk: Hazanshu, c.:lp:, b.:mk: + :mk:, JC, j.:hk:, cl.s.:hk:, SDC, s.:hp: xx :lk: Hazanshu – ~370 damage.
cl.st:hk: xx :lk: Hazanshu, c.:lp: - s.:hp: xx Launcher

HIt-confirm into super:
cl.st…:hk: xx :lk: Hazanshu, st.:lp:,st.:mp:,st.:hp: xx Super

Hey guys im thinking about picking Chun up and just wanna know what her best Anti Air, Crossup, Air to Air, Pokes & Wakeup Options are cheers.

AA and air to air- neutral jump :hk: and j. :hp: (to stomps)
Also antiair - far s. :hp: , far s. :mk:, :df: :lk: (the move that looks like a mini flash kick)
Pokes: s. :lk:, c. :lk:, c. :mp: , s. :mp:
Wakeup, you generally just want to get up and block. You could try roll or wakeup backdash, but it’s risky. EX Spinning was “eh” in SF4, and it’s worse here.

Thanks for the reply.

just got this game. todays my first day really messing around with it.

what kind of combo damage are you guys getting?

I can get around 300 (no meter)
384 (1 ex)
454 (super)

Wonder what her maximum output is.

Forgot about crossups. You could try j. lk for that. There’s also :df: :hk: (the switch sides flip kick) but it’s best to use it sparingly. Ideally, you want to jump in with j. :hp: (j. hp x 2, the target combo) or angled j. :hk:

With or without the partner? I can get 515 with Kazuya using 2 meters (1 meter for tag cancel)

521 all day, all by her lonesome, without gems and stupid easy. Yes requires three bars but who doesn’t get 3 bars at least twice in a round?

Combo please :slight_smile:

Sure: **using Deep J.Mk or J.Hk or J. Hp(TC) – pick your poison – Cl.Hk xx Ex Kikouken, St. Mp xx Super Art = 521 damage **
but check out the the combo thread for more, I’ve pretty much posted all the combos I’m getting off in matches.
I really need to add a few more— going to do that now actually.

Oh wow. Pretty simple combo with so much damage. Thank you.

How do you guys deal with overheads while getting pinned into a corner (I find Hwoarang’s overhead kick to be really dirty T.T) I find it really difficult to deal with pressure too (particularly people that bash jabs, etc to fish out a combo…although when i see an opportunity to punish i do so properly), what is a good way of countering these jab mashers also blockstrings for turtles? (sorry if i’m abit qq’ing already lol) btw team i roll with is chun li (point) and cammy.

Hwoarang is tricky, he’s got several different overheads and overheads (like Heihachi)that shouldn’t even be overheads. Really if half the Tekken cast moves are considered overheads than Chun’s St. Mp and St. Hk should be overheads - let alone Lk HSU – still raging on that!!!

Back on topic. Be very weary of Hwoarang’s reach and his stupid little toe flick kick (how would that even hurt?) Most will throw that in and go for his 3 OH kicks or his Low-High kick. if you see one backdashing he’s likely setting you up, because Hwoarang has a kick like Guile’s that he can throw out while moving backwards. Only unlike Guile the reach and combo ability off of it is ridiculous.
Somethings you can try is my recent realization that Cr. Mp goes under a lot of moves and puts you in position to go offensive or possibly run away if need be.
Don’t forget your EX SBK though, It isn’t the best reversal in the game nor does it have the “suck-in” effect of SF4s but it’ll still do in a pinch, with Hwoarang pressure and Lp mashers – they aren’t respecting this reversal so disrespect them right back by making them fly across the screen. Damage output is actually pretty good with it too and you can tag in your partner perfectly safe.

Hwoarang is stupid safe on a lot of his moves and I’m still learning in the basics of this match up myself on Chun’s side. I know Juri owns him and Ken is pretty even.

As for blockstrings. you can Cr. Lp, Cr. Lk. Cr… Lp, St. Mp (all links) push back is good, simple Cr. Lks 3-4 depending on character size is decent
Using LLegs from Cl.Hk or St. Mp are the best options, good chip damage and push back.
Blockstrings as a whole for SF cast suck and I really haven’t been trying to use any once I realised fireballs lack the same push back properties and counterhits rack up insanely quick. in SF4 which was by far a more techincal game you wanted to use “loose block strings” to fish for counter hits or purposely leave gaps (which you can still do a bit in this game) to see what your opponent does but the risk reward isn’t there yet. I’ve played D to B+ players and I find the best thing to do is to play the less complicated the better, haha.

will be practicing this thanks. :smiley: also I’ve completely forgotten about EX SBK (strong fail on my part :frowning: …)
are chun’s standing LP and LK also good for pressuring while walking (like cammy’s)? because i find my standing MP to lose sometimes, but maybe it’s just about learning the range of it.

Sorry for not getting back sooner – been out of town
But yes st. Lp can be used pretty much like Cammy’s to a degree. I actually like Cr. Lk a few times stand -step forward- then hit Cr. Lk again
of course if your opponent is constantly hitting buttons you’ll get hit.