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First off I would like to thank DMG (Dominion Method Gaming |) and Focus Attack for setting up my Q&A with DMG Inthul. DMG Inthul this past weekend won the Game underground tournament in Framingham, MA where he defeated Dieminion in the Grand Finals. I reached out to DMG and Focusattack to arrange a meeting with DMG Inthul as he has been a major influence as well as inspire me to take Street Fighter more seriously. After getting owned countless times on XBL I then decided to look up some Fei Long videos on youtube as a guide on how not to suck and I stumbled across DMG Inthuls video’s from ECT2.

From Inthul?s play in those videos I at that point I decided to become a better Street Fighter player. I have had the great pleasure to interview Seth Killian at NYC Comic Con (http://shoryuken.com/f273/breaking-news-nyc-comic-con-253483/) Mago2dgod (http://shoryuken.com/f273/mago2dgod-q-255676/) Starnab and Guard Crush (still to come to print) and now DMG Inthul. Not bad for a rookie to the Street Fighter community :woot: I know my Q&A?s have been nothing but Fei related, but he is my main and I want to gather as much info on him from the worlds best Fei Long players. I look forward to bringing you the readers more Q&A’s from players who don?t main Fei Long in the near future :wonder:

Q. I?m not sure if you are aware but these are the changes that will be made to Fei Long for the AE of SSF4 Normals

  • Close and Far stand jab have an extra frame of advantage (now +6)
  • Close forward has a 4-frame startup
  • Additional frame advantage on many moves
  • Less recovery on EX Rekka on hit and on guard
  • No invincibility with HK Chicken Wing
  • Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end

Q. How do you feel about these additions and subtractions?

A. Well I’m a pad player so I won’t be on the arcade version at all. The faster jab would be great against bison and characters that have quick pokes, you could put more pressure against walled opponents by walk jabbing into rekkas if the jab hits. I don’t know when I’ve ever used close forward unless it’s crouching forward. Ex Rekka needs more damage, right now I only use Ex Rekka if it’s for the win through chip or hit. I’d rather save my gauge for Ex. Fire Kick or dash cancel. No Invincibility on HK CW is sad, but Fei doesn’t need it. With players now respecting Fei more and more they’re learning the counters for CW, so spamming it isn’t viable anymore. Fei is a footsie character that can blast his opponent up against the wall and keep him there effectively. I think Fei is bottom of top tier and doesn’t really need any buffs or nerfs.

Q. If you were asked to give input on what changes could be made to Fei Long what advice would you have given to Capcom?

A. Just more damage on Ex. Rekka on chip and hit. Maybe crouching fierce to be focused canceled so we don’t get hit by people?s lvl 2 focus too. Also add a start menu during character select so we can change buttons. Why hasn’t that been done yet?

Q. Recently I had a Q&A with Mago2dgod recent winner of the Godsgarden tournament in which he went 5-0 against Mochi, Uryo, Sako, Momochi and Daigo. What impressed you the most about his play?

A. Mago has a very solid Fei. The most impressive thing I noticed watching his video?s was the rate that he hit people with cl. fierce after CW. He is very patient and disciplined, probably the result of surrounding himself with great talent and hours of play.

Q. Do you feel there is skill gap is between you and Mago? If so what sort of steps would you take to fill that gap?

A. I felt his Fei was stronger then mine. There are some things I disagree with as far as some of his tactics go. He likes to on his opponents wake up, cr. short into cl. fierce into rekka. If they block the short and fierce, they can punish his fierce badly and if Mago decides to rekka after fierce that is punishable too because he’ll be too close. He uses ultra 2 in matchups I wouldn’t and I don’t think he caught anyone with it during that tournament. There were times where his opponent would whiff a DP and he could have punished with ultra 1 but had to settle for a combo because he had ultra 2. IMO ultra 2 should only be used against rufus, cammy, and viper. I’d have to master the fierce punch after CW and fight stronger opponents more often to get to his lvl. Although I’ve learned never to doubt myself. Sometimes I see a really strong player and think wow he seems better then me. Then when I’m in the fight I just adapt to him unconsciously and beat him. I feel I can beat anyone but I do get a feeling his Fei is a little more polished then mine.

Q. You just recently competed in SB5 please set the record straight and tell us what place did you come in out of how many players? The reason I ask this question because the haters say ?you are not a high level player ?or ?your chicken wing coupon was good for only one tournament? How do you feel about those comments?

A. Heh, I’ve looked for what place I came in and me and my team leader couldn’t find it. When I was in the tournament Yipes told me that ?me and him tied for 11th place?. I’m not happy with that and will do better at NEC. If you ask any “high level” player, they will tell you I am a high lvl player. The players that aren’t too strong I’m assuming are the ones that are saying that. I always invite people to fight me on Xbox and of all the people that have challenged me I have not lost a single first to 5 or 10. Of course some of my team mates and other top players have beaten me sometimes but they would never bad mouth me, and I wouldn’t to them. I work about 50 hours a week, I go the gym everyday, and have a girlfriend. I’m very good for the amount of time I can put into SF which is about an hour or two a day. I’m not the best for sure but I love the game and I improve constantly. I’ll really try to change people?s minds about me but I’m not bothered by people?s comments. I know I’m good and as I’ve said before and I feel I can beat anyone. If you wanna test yourself out against me let’s have a first to 5 or 10, and it’s not about who wins or losses, it’s about testing yourself and getting better. If I win I’ll be respectful and give you tips if you want them, show me the same respect if you win.

Q. During SB5 you faced off against another Fei Long great in Starnab, that match was not shown on the stream. As a Fei Long fan this was my main event. It was latter posted online on SB5 results that you beat Starnab. Can you tell us how did this match go down i.e. 2-0, 2-1, 9 rnds you get the idea.

A. My first casual of the day was against him which was recorded on youtube, I had the cold hands and was a bit rusty but it confirmed in my mind his playstyle. When I fought him in the tournament we went 2-1 me. He crushed me the first round, then I got a little more aggressive and came back to win the 1st match. My strategy was to throw a few CW’s at him and get his mind on that, and then poke him. After a few pokes I’d go back to jab, jab CW, jab CW, and random CW’s in close range. I managed to do a little of that, but ended up getting him against the wall and kept him there for most of the next rounds. Standing forward roundhouse works great against Fei too, think I caught him a few times with it.

Q. What did you take away from that match and what did you learn from your fellow Fei Long player Starnab?

A. Starnab was amazing as I expected he would be. When I first started playing SF4 I started with Fei, and was beating mostly everyone I fought in ranked. I’d bump into him randomly and he’d always beat me, which really pissed me off because he was using ‘my’ character. He motivated me to train hard and try to never lose to him again. Then I didn’t fight him again since seasons beatings but before that I watched his videos occasionally and gauged my progress with his. It seemed, he was always a half step ahead of me, so I’d train more and more and while at work think of ways to improve. I definitely lvl’d up fighting him and learned a few things. First is the importance of cr.short, to cr.jab rekka. It sounds simple but mastering that will improve your damage output greatly. I found many ways to sneak that in against people after. Next is when an opponent is against the wall, you can option select a fire kick when you throw your cr.short on there wake up in case they back dash. When abel does step kick if your standing while blocking you can cr.short after to beat his next poke and non ex command grab, and if he rolls you just rekka it to punish. I’m glad I met him, seems like a cool guy I’d hang out with and fight for hours.

Q. If we were to have a first to 10 right now between you and him again who would win?

A. Oh I can’t answer that. We’re both very good players and I’ve lvl’d up since then and I’m assuming he did too. It could go either way but I would really like to fight him again. Too bad it would be too laggy online if we were to fight on Xbox.

Q. Say if you would win against Starnab who then would win a first to 10 between you and Mago?

A. I wouldn’t be cocky and say I would definitely beat Starnab or Mago, I have the ability to and so do they. Mago just from my observation seems to have the most polished fei but I’m very experienced in the Fei matchup and if either of them aren’t, they will lose. The fei mirror match is very strict and you can’t mess up spacing or whiff anything or you’ll get punished. Spamming CW when you rattled too won’t work because the other Fei knows that tendency and will fire kick it. I have good fei sparring partners, (kobrakaun, Jason24cf, and Momentous Celtic, even Justin occasionally) so I know that matchup well.

Q. As we all know you are part of DMG and they are a great amount of skilled players with DMG for example, PR Balrog, Dr. Chaos, Lud, and Rico Suave, am I missing anyone?
I don?t want to put you on the spot but where do you feel you rank amongst those players within DMG?

A. We also have Insayne (a rising blanka player), and Rob and Craig Stevens (both beasts and capable of beating anyone IMO). I haven’t fought PR Balrog yet, and haven’t fought Rob and Craig in a while. As far as the rest we are all very close in skill lvl. I feel like if I play to my best ability and get comfortable, I’ll beat them. I’m sure they would say the same about themselves fighting me which is what I like about them. I really like fighting Rob and Dr.Chaos the most, Rob has been my rival for a long time and usually was the one who would eliminate me in the finals in most tournaments in my area. Dr. Chaos is just really smooth and capable of huge comebacks because of his smooth play. The match against Rico’s abel can be a game of rocks, paper, scissors but it’s intense anyway.

Q. If you would have to rank the top 3 Fei Long in the world, who they would be? Would you include yourself in the top 3 and what makes them the top 3 and what do you feel you have to do to become the #1 Fei Long player?

A. I would say me, Mago, and Starnab from what I’ve seen. Justin can never be ruled out though, he beat me in a mirror match a while ago, and Justin has a huge knowledge of the game. I haven’t fought him since but I’d like to mention him. We all have the execution, Mago has the best on connecting Fierce punch after CW. Justin knows probably all the matchups, one of the perks of playing SF as a job. Starnab has the most experience using fei then any of us. He’s been using him the longest and plays more then I do. I think to take the #1 Fei spot, you have to beat me, Mago, and Starnab.

Q. You have given me tons of advice to help me become a better Fei Long player. If some one else came to you and asked you for advice like what fundamental skills are needed to be a tournament level player or can a player only raise his game to the next level if he enters tournaments?

A. When in tournaments I feel it’s good to have the mentality of, “playing with the intention of not getting hit at all.” It seems obvious but if that weighs the heaviest on your mind you will play much more careful and analyze your opponent more critically. You will play a little slower, take less chances, and your footsies will improve. People in tournaments are usually nervous, especially the newer competitors. Being nervous increases the chance that they will whiff attacks, be more likely to throw reversals, and drop combos. Just play slowly and let the clock run, you don’t have to beat your opponent in less then 40 seconds. Just wait for mistakes to be made and punish, nervous players will make those mistakes. More experienced players will make mistakes LESS often (they will still make them) and whiff less often so you have to create openings against them. I really think you can only get to a certain lvl fighting people on Xbox live or PSN. The experience you get from fighting a top player with the pressure of a crowd behind you, you don’t get sitting on your bed playing. Your confidence and footsie game will improve through tournaments and you will know matchups by fighting the best player with that character. Once you beat a top player in a major, you get a confidence of, “well I beat that guy so your not gonna beat me”. That confidence will force you to play to win and make you relaxed enough to have faster reactions when punishing people. Being a naturally confident person helps too.

Q. What options selects do you use with Fei Long?

A. I option select fire kick when I jump in on honda on his wake up against the wall. I option select fire kick against bison when I jump in on him on his wake up. (After you do that once, bison will teleport to dodge your fire kick, you have to CW for the next option select to beat that.) I option select CW when I jump in dhalsim in case he teleports back on his wake up. CW when I jump in on C.Viper to beat ex. seismo, and Rufus to beat ex. messiah.

Q. What do you feel are Fei?s hardest matchup and what do you look for to try to even it and or even better swing the edge in your favor?

A. Bison and Guile are fei’s hardest matchups. For Guile cr. forward and cr. fierce can beat his punches, HK CW can get you close to him while going over a sonic boom. CW is safer to throw when you see Guile stand up, if he’s ducking he could flash kick it. Command grab works great against guile cause they like to block. Focus through sonic booms up close and try to bait flash kick. When you jump in on Guile use jumping strong, it beats out his Cr. Fierce most of the time and has good priority. Don’t sweat the chip damage from sonic booms. One connected rekka can equal a lot of sonic boom chips. Stay in max jab rekka range, hit confirm rekkas, throw st. fierce in case he pokes and wait for openings to punish. For Bison, cr. Fierce is great, will beat scissor kick and his standing kicks. Option select fire kick to beat Psycho and scissor. Try to bait a whiffed scissor kick and punish with rekka. Neutral jump works well, in case he throws scissor kick or sweep. If he throws ultra 2 and you don’t have time to block, just throw HK CW, you?re safe if he crosses you up, and if he doesn’t, CW will hit. Against both characters you have to be patient. Try to get a health lead against Bison and have him walk to you, for Guile you always have to apply pressure but do it slowly and smooth. Also Dhalsim can give me a hard time. I’m working on that matchup.

Q. What are your hardest character matchups and players? What is it that about them that gives you a tough time character and player?

A. Dieminion’s Guile gives me a very hard time. He knows how to fight Fei and that match is tough for me, on top of Dieminion being a very experienced player who practices a lot. I don’t really mind fighting anyone else, I’d say of all people Dieminion with his guile gives me the hardest time. Rob Stevens’ Sagat can also give me a hard time, he knows the match too and we’ve fought a bunch of times.

Q. Will you pick up a 2nd main? If so which character and why?

A. I feel I’m only 80% with Fei. I have a lot to learn and I don’t see myself picking any other character besides him, even when I feel I’m 100%. I like Makoto cause she fights a little like fei, and I like how Yang is looking but you won’t see me use them in a tournament. Maybe on Xbox though.

Q. As a pad player do you see yourself ever switching to a stick? For example you?re having a hard time hitting a link?

A. Nope, I use a heavily modded Hori Fighting Commander 3 now (which I think is the best pad in the world; If your a pad player get one), I won’t switch to a stick and with Fei I don’t think using a stick is more of an advantage. I like how I can hear, peoples inputs on a stick and they can’t hear mine. Rekka’s are easier and faster on a pad, and it’s much easier carrying a controller around then a bulky arcade stick. If your curious as to what mods I have in my pad you can ask Jason24cf (PLEASE CONTACT ME ON WHAT MODS INTHUL HAS IN HIS PAD. I OWN THE SAME PAD AND I SUGGESTED WHAT OPTIONS TO USE IN MODDING THE PAD SO AGAIN PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS), or contact me through my facebook. They are mods you will want to make.

Q. I know this question seems out of order but what better way to close it out, what made you pick Fei Long? I asked Mago this same question as he has been known in the past as one of the worlds best if not the best Sagat player, Fei Long was or is considered by the community to be a bottom to mid tier character.

A. Well I took Jeet Koon Do, Kickboxing, boxing, MMA, and Jiu-Jitsu for years and Fei Long’s fighting style seemed to fit with me. I have fast reflexes which is important with Fei to be able to punish whiffs, and his ultra and back throw are stylish. I played Maxi in Soul Calibur and Law in Tekken so I always liked the Bruce Lee type characters. When I first started playing Fei, a lot of top players told me Fei sucks, and Fei is low tier. Now they say he is cheap, broken, and people respect him more. I really think he is top tier, just hard to use well. Fei Long can be a show-off character when played well and is fun to watch IMO.

Q. Back to those hatters Lol, would you be willing to fight them in say a first to 5 or 10? DMG can sponsor the event and call, ?Can you beat the so called not high level player DMG Inthul? First person to do so wins say a dual mod TE stick or pad (Dual mod done courtesy of Gummowned) signed by you saying, ?I guess your right I am not a high level player after all Love DMG Inthul : (?

A. Hah, I always am looking for new talent to fight with. It’s not fun going weeks in ranked matches hunting for good players and beating everyone without having to sit up straight. (No disrespect to the Xbox live players) My Xbox GT is DMG Inthul, (I prefer to play on Xbox), and my PSN name is just Inthul. I’ll first to 5 or 10 anyone and if I like your play style I’ll throw a friend request at ya. It’s up to my team leader on whether he wants to setup an event, but if not just send me a message saying you saw my Q&A and you wanna 1st to 5 me. The haters are fun, they get me excited to fight them and while I’m at work it makes the day go by faster cause I may have a good opponent waiting for me when I get out. I’m usually on at around 12:30am EST every night. That?s when I get out of work. Bring it on haters =P

Bonus answer. People ask me often what Inthul means and where I came up with that name. I used to play an MMO called Everquest. I played a dark elf shadowknight that I named Inthul Vlos’Daron. I played that character for years and the name stuck with me. It’s pronounced (Inthule) I just didn’t add the ‘e’ because I didn’t like the look. Thanks for the questions Jason and if anyone has anymore questions just ask it on my facebook page, It’s under ryan6339@yahoo.com, it’s really all I use facebook for.


Holy crap that’s long! I’ll read it and reply :slight_smile:

Inthul really is a damn nice guy eh? Everyone says that about him on the streams and from this interview he seems very humbled and just as cool as they make him out to be.

Awesome interwiew, tonnes of insight and a great read :slight_smile:


Awesome man! I love these questions really putting the haters on blast… Not to mention Inthul seems ready and willing to take on all, lol which is awesome.

Thanks again man I really apreciate these, its always good to see what great players think about fei.


Inthul invited me to a first to 10 and BEAT MY ASS bad. But I had no clue how to fight a good Fei Long. Still the guy is an amazing player and I hope Ill be ready next time.


sooo agreed. :confused:


Hey, I’m curious 'cause my FightPad crapped out. What are the mods for the Hori Fighting Commander 3 (other than PCB)? Thanks in advance. :china:

Good work on the interview. It was a pleasure reading it. :slight_smile:


inthul is nice and all, and i know he’s a good player…but when he said he was surprised at the rate that mago did his Cl.Fierce after CW…

LOL! no shit, mago could plink cuz he plays stick…

inthul should switch to stick…lol


Its a old method but it works great for all pads. Open the pad and cut a piece of cardboard about the thickness of a baseball card or slimmer to the Dpad layout. Inthul said he used a Magic the gathering card that had some lamination and it felt perfect. He he tried many other options and said that card was the best. I gave him the idea after I asked “what happened to you in the mirror match against Justin”? He replied “my diagonals weren’t working very well” I also had the same issue the Hori pad at first and I told him what I had done to my pad and that was to add a cardboard insert. He did the same and that’s the modification he speaks of


WOW I just noticed I got a star under my name here on SRK, Sweet! What’s that for anyhow? I also want to mention I am not as good as the other 2 players mentioned by Inthul. So if you ever face me and body me don’t say to yourself “I thought he was good” I was just a practice dummy during our mirror match sets prior to SB5.


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The pad… The legend. :china:


Great pic it also shows the pad he is speaking of. Nice post


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Nice work on the interview. Weird he mentions the life lead thing, for the last week I’ve been trying to pretend I’m at 0 health from the start of the match. It occurred to me one day while watching Diago on you tube. The guy just does not want to be hit or even chipped - ever.


You know i agree about the bit on Ex-Rekkas doing more damage, they should do 200dmg. If not then i’d be happy if they were given pursuit properties for juggling after Flame kick FADC, or if the last hit Wall bounced. Fuck them trying to say they will be less recovery on hit and block, hell they are relatively safe cause on block they push you back a good amount of distance as long as you stop a the second one and besides who the hell is going to spend one Ex meter to pressure someone when it can be done with Lp rekka at no meter cost. Stupid ass capcom.


Thank you, I took it at this past Summer Jam, look forward to seeing a lot of pictures of NECXI!

If I remember right we were watching the Abel gauntlet thing… I was like “pose with the pad!” it was pretty spur of the moment hah


Fei FTW :nunchuck:

Thanks Jason and Inthul for sharing.


Nice read, thanks for the effort you put into getting things like this for us to enjoy.


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GREAT Q&A Jason , thanks for including my questions , I’ve stopped playing this game but it’s still good to hear from good o’l Inthul .


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Hehe I thought about that. I’d be overjoyed if you could do:

HK CW, cl.HP xx MK FK > FADC > HK CW, EX Rekkas juggle, Wallbounce, Ultra 1 with animation. Scaling? Who cares! It’d be the sweetest combo in the game.