Q and Hugo's Bad/Good matchups

Just out of curiosity. I have chosen these two characters for counter pick measures. Ken of course is my main but I think mixing it up with other characters will also help my game out a bit. So thanx in advance.:wgrin:

You mean so everyone can counter pick against you?

Any ways…Q and Hugo have very few favorable matches. Like their only favorable matches are against the other low tier characters. They can do well against some of the characters in the game but they still receive no real statistical advantage over the majority of the cast. Picking them would be more so an attempt to try and throw something different at them than really counter picking them. Getting strong with Hugo or Q would definitely help your game though. They force you to look out for and counter things differently compared to other better characters and that can help you when you go back to use those better characters. Only if you clearly are just outsmarting your opponents all the time with Q and Hugo can you really justify using them in a match. Taking advantage of the few advantages they have in a matchup when the time is right to win the match.

oh okay. maybe they are that bad. I just assumed that some of the cast does very bad against them like Hugo vs Akuma or Q vs. Chun or something o that nature. Because some of the matches I seen…it seems like in those scenarios the lower tier wins. You know Q seems to eat lower defense characters alive and some characters can’t handle grapples or something. But I’m only telling you what I seen and have experienced lol.

Well you definitely need to see and experience more at some point. When you play enough in tournaments…you’ll realize how much harder it is for those characters to win matchups. Especially when the same person plays multiple times. You can’t pick Q or Hugo and expect to be a full counter vs. much any character in the game. You have to work to even make yourself a threat. The only reason the guys you see on YouTube videos win is because they understand the matchups and take advantage of how their character and game works to work around the statistical difficiencies of their character. They find whatever advantages the character may have in a matchup and use those vs. the otherwise clearly more varied advantages of the higher cast.

Q only eats lower defense characters alive when they make big mistakes. Even Ibuki or Yang vs. Q is like 7-3 according to Japanese matchup charts. Now matchup charts are always available for debate but the problem is when those higher tiered characters are played right…they completely shut Q’s options down. On paper they shouldn’t lose very often and they make it very difficult for Q to even touch them. Q has to take advantage of those few opportunities he gets in a round to take control or he loses. Whereas Ibuki and Yang can literally create opportunities on the fly to run over Q.

i see.

Q’s winning matchups include Twelve and Sean. Hugo’s winning matchups include… Sean. Q’s even matchups include Q and Hugo, and Hugo’s even matchups include Hugo and Q. Aaaand that’s it. Other than that, they either get killed by or are at a disadvantage against everyone.

It’s true that using one of these characters will do well for your game, but don’t get dependent on them.

^ i thought Hugo had advantage over Alex, something like 6-4 or 5,5-4,5

The closest it would be IMO is even. Hugo IMO doesn’t have any advantages that clearly put him over Alex. Alex has air normals with huge hitboxes that are difficult for Hugo to anti air. Not to mention Alex’s regular jump height is low and quick. Making things even more annoying for Hugo. Alex can confirm damaging knockdowns off of s.MP which Hugo can not duck. Not to mention s.MP to EX flash chop is completely safe on block so if you dont confirm it…oh well. Try it again or run away and build meter. Hugo has s.MP and c.MK but that isn’t going to kill Alex and Alex can just jump straight up and use j.HP or HK to counter that poke. EX slash elbow makes it difficult to find a correct time to use Hugo’s pokes as well. One badly timed poke equals free knockdown and mix ups. Alex’s above average defense ratio means that 360/720’s wont end him like vs. other characters.

Okay. My best and natural playstyle in almost any fighter is to play with mix-up/pressure grapplers and wait/punish based grapplers. Ala O.Yashiro, Jedah, and Yamazaki. I think I could just change them to Makoto instead. But I am a very smart player, and the fact that the heavy damage comes with them makes my overall playstyle deadly. But I do want to up my game to it’s peak so you think I should just go with Makoto?

Makoto works. It wouldn’t hurt to still mess with Q and Hugo just to get yourself familiar with the way they work. Never know when you’ll have to face another Q/Hugo player. Makoto also beats the living crap out of both Hugo and Q. LOL.

Oh and according to this Japanese matchup chart…Alex vs. Hugo is 6-4 in favor of Alex.


i don’t pick hugo but . how hugo can escape from alex sa3 (stun gun)?

SAIII, dashing the right way, and regular ol’ standing jab.

seriously?? if hugo are in the corner??

If Hugo’s in the corner and Alex does dashing elbow into stun gun, Hugo can use SAIII or standing jab.

wow lol.

Hugo’s SA2 would work as well.

How does Q beat twelve? My blood pressure goes up when I play against twelve using Q - the only way I’ve ever beaten him is with random SA1

Q beats Twelve because Twelve does no damage, can’t really stop Q from taunting, and takes a lot of damage, and Q can deal well with him at mid-range with things like back+fierce, strong slaps, crouching roundhouse, jumping fierce, and the like. If Twelve gets in closer than that, no big deal, Q will probably take some damage but he can also take minor risks without being too concerned about damage in order to get Twelve out or put him in the corner. If Twelve gets in the corner, he’s probably going to take a considerable amount of damage. Random super is fine; worst case scenario, Twelve has super ready and takes off 1/5 of your life, maybe less if you have taunts. By the way, I like SAII, since Twelve spends more time in the air than most characters and since Twelves like trying to walk under dash punches, which can be punished by doing overhead dash punch to SAII.

It’s not a big win, it’s like 5.5-4.5 or 6-4.

Yeah…I’ve played the matchup (my Twelve vs. MOD’s Q) and it seems that way. Twelve has trickies and can jump on Q but at least against other characters getting hit by Twelve means something. Not the whole game but you still are taking damage. Q might as well do all 3 taunts at the start of the first round. There’s nothing stopping him other than taking a few points of damage from what will be j.HK’s and throws. Q is allowed to take a lot of risks in this match up (more than in the majority of his matchups) and one right move = big damage against Twelve.

The difference between say like Twelve…and another low defense character like Akuma, Yang or Ibuki is that Twelve without meter has no way to confirm anything damaging that creates a knockdown. He has to fill up a full meter just to do a combo that creates damage/knockdown and is reliant on EX moves that dont really do much any damage and none of them can be confirmed. They are safe but you really just have to whip them out when the opportunity is right and hope they hit or just watch your meter get wasted. So even when you do find an opportunity to attack you’re forced to waste meter to do anything that will hurt Q’s chances of winning the match. You have to guess right at least 15 times in 1 round to have a chance at winning while Q only has to guess right like 3 times. That’s considering he’s only taunted once. The amount of mind games you have to play to win if he gets all 3 taunts in is just nuts. You’ll eventually have to win your matches by getting hits in and then running the clock out once you have the lead. Not to mention Q has a huge stun bar so your chances of stunning him are low as well.

Damn, I never realized how much the statistics stacked against Hugo… Whatever, I’ll continue to rep Hugo anyway.