"Q and Oro are the most broken characters in this game"

“I don’t know what the developer was thinking when he added them. SO broken!”

I got these two comments from an arcade owner while I was getting a 12 win streak with Q (they were scrubs). Once I got them in the corner they kept falling for CDB, Jab Rush, b+Fierce (reset), repeat. It took about 9 games for them to figure out the escape point. Oro is in the second tier, but Q!
I guess the man in the yellow trenchcoat really has no match.

I usually feel pretty bad when I CPU Q trap somebody to death, so I tell them that they can jump out. Of course I use that to my advantage next time and get a free EX slaps on them when they try to jump out. :lol:

Q = top tier
slappy hands = top tier

I have actually heard these comments at our local arcade here in austin…

A) Hugo is way overpowered
B) Q is way overpowered
C) throwing is cheap (while playing as hugo)
D) Stop Turtleing (while playing with Sean or Q)

you hear the craziest shit sometimes.

I’ve heard the throwing is cheap bit in every game that has it, command throw or not. It’s funny, cause I’ve been someone that always throws if you leave yourself open like that. The only time I got mad at throwing was playing with a friend of mine in 3s, where he did a whole round of all throws and one Chun SA I, but I got him back :stuck_out_tongue: Hell, even repeated Makoto grabs don’t bother me too much, cause if you know how to play, you can combat throwing issues, command throw or not.


Some random crappy dude came in and played against my Q for a while one day. I think I drained like three bucks from him, and all the while he was muttering, “Cheap bastard, so cheap. That stupid throw combo does too much damage. I’m ugly and probably stupid.”

By the way Streak, EX slappy? I’ve always used strong or fierce slappy, depending on which character I’m up against. I thought the EX version doesn’t land all its hits when the opponent is in the air. Do you do it like just before they wake up so you can trap them on the ground?

I know it sounds weird, but you have to do it a little early so it hits them before they can jump. Basically most people already make up their mind to jump out or try a poke, so they’ll get hit by it anyway.

got a question here!!! i know i should post this on the Q’s tread but i only want to know how do you do to setup the CBD stuff on an opponent?

You mean land the CDB itself? That’s the hardest part.
Wait for a mistake. No less than half of my CDBs come from an opponent’s screw up. Things that aren’t capitalizing off an error can be avoided, but are usefull.
Jump, do a deep heavy attack (blocked), CDB when you land.
Standing jab, immediately do Rh CDB. Riki is the first person I saw who did this.

The rush punch hits after this are child’s play. The only tough one is the overhead on a falling enemy which takes a bit of practice.

I know that close jab XX RH command grab works even if they get hit with the jab. Maybe the MK version works if they block the jab, I dunno.

Jump heavy attack into command grab works even better if the move hits, since they usually expect some sort of combo after that. This is true for throws in general, BTW.

Other good ticks into grab are standing and crouching LK. Those are links, not cancels, but they’ll work every now and then.

Another good setup I’ve seen TK use: Anti-air close standing jab, dash forward, command grab. Close jab is a surprisingly good anti-air, so you can land this fairly often and mix them up with normal throw or slap or what have you.


why are people calling it Slappy? its called the Bitch-slap.:smiley:

Bitch-slap is Hugo’s standing strong.

You can’t stop the Iron Beast! :lol:

I love it when people bad mouth Q as if he’s some sort of broken character, it’s hilarious! :lol:

thanks for the support guys!!! i’ll try that when i get to my dreamcast…:slight_smile:

Isn’t that riskier though? If they decide to block instead of jump but you expect them to jump and you bring out EX slappy, you’re left with crazy recovery time, just waiting to get eaten up by virtually anything. If you do the regular version, you have a better chance of not getting punished if your move gets blocked, right?

So what, take a chance once in a while, have some fun :slight_smile:

And, if he had to tell the guy to jump to escape the corner trap, I don’t think he’s too worried about getting punished after a blocked EX slaps. =)

Actually, it is Chun’s Back + Strong.

Oh, I beg to differ.