[Q] (EX) Condor Spire throwable?



Was playing mirror yesterday on PC, and I was mexican typhooned a couple of times.

It wasn’t lagging, we had a good connection, could it still have been some delay that was unseen?

I noticed that I seemed to also grab other players out of jumping or off the ground special moves as well.

PS- people grabbing me out of typhoons often as well. Are normal throws faster or more priority?


I’ve been grabbed out of U1 by Abel’s command throw. I learned recently (as a victim) that you can be thrown on the starting frames of an EX spire.


I don’t understand how that is possible if you are off the ground, is it a bug with throwable hurtboxes?

Anyone have any data or way to check how it looks?


It’s airborne from frame 6. MP and EX Tomahawk are your only throw invincible moves outside of supers/Ultras (or just do an instant Dive).


I would not be using ex spire like that btw, this says to me that you are too close so you would have been caught on block anyway.