Q: How to Deal With

I have two main things that I need addressed on how to deal with.

#1 is the Akuma overhead air-throw thingy. Why can I not seem to deal with this? If an Akuma is mixing up, say doing dive kicks then busts this little baby out, if I KNOW he is going for the throw, what, if anything, can I do to punish it?

#2 Yun and Yang dive kicks. If I jump up ‘with’ him ALA how Chun get’s around the divekicks (her jump straight up HK), nothing seems to work outside of The Claw lp (MP doesn’t work, MK too slow, HP too slow, HK too slow, Lk not sure probably same as Lp…)

#1 It’s not you so much as it is Q is a crappy character. Q has no good anti air, and he is very tall and slow, meaning he is the perfect bait for this move. Back+MP should stuff the throw if you can read it in time.

#2 If they’re in your face, nothing you can do outside of parries or supers. If one of them jumps at you from a long distance, you will have better luck jumping straight up.

You’re pretty much fucked for Q VS Yun from the matches I’ve seen.
How would anti-air slashes or EX slashes do against Akuma’s dive throw?

Iffy. Akuma can demon flip and get literally right on top of Q’s head, an angle at which the slaps will miss. If Akuma gets a knockdown on Q, he can easily get that angle provided he is close enough.

If Akuma is just doing straight demon flips, then air normals are probably your best bet; which one depends on your distance from Akuma. You sound like he’s at least close enough to be landing regular dive kicks, so holding up and pressing jab will be the easiest answer to his demon flip throw attempts. SAI will of course let you run away since if he’s demon flipping for the throw, he won’t be at an angle where it can hit him. SAII is not an for the demon flip throws, but it can be for the dive kicks.

#1 dash punch under

#2 SA2

#2 will flatout not work if akuma gets you at the correct angle.

#1 I’ve always thought about but haven’t gotten around to thoroughly testing. It may be possible for Akuma to just grab you anyway, I don’t know. Worth testing out!

^ i was answering the questions in order: #1 was about akuma’s demon grab, #2 about twins’ divekick.

Thanks for the responses guys.

locoghoul: Yeah, SAII is Q’s saving grace against constant dive kick pressure. However, you can’t SAII a crossup divekick (even if parried), and everytime I’m knocked down, they will cross up (which I block or parry), if I block it’s a free mixup for them (that they always seem to win heh) then another knock down.

Almost all the wins I have of Q vs. the twins are from baited/parried dive kicks SAII or empty dive kick eats SAII. Still, parrying those dive kicks and guessing between the angles can be a bitch. Plus Yang can just come at you from the ground and fuck you up good.

Now, as for Dash Puch under Akuma: I’ll have to test it out, but I don’t think that will work. Because what Akuma does is Close HP xx air flip, then mixup. Q will remain in block stun until he is right on top of your head. Still worth testing out though. But I swear to god this is a free throw for Akuma everytime unless I can figure something out…

If the dive kicker is wise to not doing a dive kick at an angle that Q can SAII, then yes, you’ve got problems once they get on you.

Yeah, I’ve had to deal with akumas that would knockdown, do a meaty bufferable normal and then demon flip. It’s not fun. Even parrying isn’t always an answer, because they can try cancelling into a DP/super to counter your retaliation attempt. I suppose if you’re psychic, you would parry and then BLOCK that… but that’s not a realistic option most of the time.

Someone test s.jab. I don’t think it’ll work well, and you’ll need to watch akuma’s position since Q will likely do a close s.jab at that range, but you never know…

Don’t get pushed into the corner and you don’t have to worry. Easier said then done, but Q can somewhat hold his own at the midscreen game.

My friend plays Akuma JUST like that. I practically gave up on the wake-up parrying cause I ended up eating an SA or getting thrown. Of course, there’s always the possibility that he might not do anything and knockdown again. Grrr. It’s annoying just thinking about it. I usually end up burning meter on an EX that’ll trade or beat his buffered move. But without meter, it’s a stupid-bad situation to be in. I usually play Oro, Makoto, or Yun, btw.

against normal into demon flip, could you jump back jab? Or dash punch underneath?

I don’t play Akuma’s, just throwing out ideas.

The answer most of the time with Q is to just dash punch as soon as you know its a demon flip. If he is able to kick you out of it, he would have hit you too high to combo. Ex dash under is guaranteed to not get kicked, a worthwhile ex investment in my opinnion.