Q Kara Capture and Deadly blow with back+MP without parries (not-so-new tech)


It turns out that you can kara CnDB in neutral with back+MP, without parrying. The input is HCF, HCB+MP~K.
I heard about it when it made the rounds on Twitter, thanks to rKf and Goldriver posting about it (and TheShend graciously retweeting). [It’s known that you can do b+MP kara CnDB out of a parry, and other karas such as cr.MP kara etc., but this is the first I’ve seen of b+MP.](Kara C&DB
Here are the tweets I saw:
Tweet from Goldriver: https://twitter.com/gold007R/status/704651802776465408
(this is huge): https://twitter.com/gold007R/status/704985824010502144

(The first tweet from Goldriver were from a series of tweets with this title: 【ゲレ検証 コマンド入力の封印:X】 - I think they might have an explanation for why it works. Not sure though, I don’t understand Japanese.)

I’ve tried it myself, and it’s pretty hard - but my execution sucks ass, so whoever is reading this might find it easier. Tips: Make sure you’re hitting back when doing the HCF (I think I was just doing db, missing the input), and you have to do the HCB immediately (or almost immediately) after the HCF. I think if you leave even a small gap of a few frames you’ll get slaps.

Funnily enough, some guy called DieOxXin made a video about it on YouTube almost 2 years ago (May 2014):

In the comments, he says “my friend he discovered it in training mode, and he told me about it, so i’ve practiced to execute it, i believe TM did it in a match”. Uhh, did he (or his friend) tell anyone?

My question is, is this new tech? Old tech? Has it been rediscovered or something? Also, I’d like to know what you guys think of it.

I made a very similar post in the Q subforum but nobody will ever check that. So I made a new thread. Sorry.


I’ve never seen this done in a match but I do think I read about this being possible previously but that time there was no video to showcase how it looks, just speculation on it being possible. TM did a low parry into kara cmd grab against some Ruy player I think but back when that happened I think people insisted that the parry was the key factor in making it possible to execute. Not sure if this is 100% new but very intresting nevertheless, nice post!


Yeah, buffering the b.MP during a parry was already well-known. You can read discussion about it on [this thread](Kara C&DB in the Q sub-forum.

Also, I reached out to rKf and he replied. Turns out it was discovered in 2014 by UAE players. Someone needs to keep tabs on these guys, they do some cool stuff.




Kind of reminds me of Alex kara powerbomb.
The way the game handles inputs, each new input must keep the old inputs in memory until a certain timespan has elapsed with 0 inputs or something similar.

That’s the only way to explain these sequences which are quite long input/time wise but still work and why you can use other moves to hold inputs until you execute the move you want them to apply to.

in case anyone is wondering who checks, kara powerbomb, you have to jab and then do hcb -> f + p. the jab is important.
So maybe using this technique it’s possible to omit the jab with alex.

Thanks TiredOcean!