Q Match-ups

A new Q thread that is dedicated solely to Q’s match-ups.

Although Makoto is Q’s worst match-up (or at least I think she is), I would like to kick this thread off with everyone’s favorite character: Ken.

I’ll start off by contributing that Q’s s.short will always beat out Ken’s c.short. It is just better in all (or at least at most) aspects. Thanks to Gunjack for that info (just in case he decides to read this).

A whiffed or parried Shoryuken can lead to C&DB setups. A parried or red parried Hurricane Kick can lead to one as well.

After a blocked SAIII there is little time to land a counter-attack. The C&DB is too slow although a standard throw will connect. The EX.High Speed Barrage, SAI, SAII, the punch variant of SAIII all fit within the time window. Although it is better to use s.Forward because of its combo ability.

Feel free to contribute.

I like the match up for Q against shotos, Hugo, and chun li. I hate against Mokoto and Dudley. When playing against these guys what should your game be. Of course I would think to taunt but with mokotos dash this may be a problem. So any ideas on these match ups. To be consider a good Q player IMO you must parry pretty decent. Not to say you have to rely on parrying because at times not being able to parry well can get you killed.

Q has a hard time fighting Hugo actually. Hugo’s moves just have better priority in general.

I don’t really play that matchup all that often, but my friend who plays Q says that Hugo is a tough matchup so I’ll just take his word for it since he’s the only serious Q player in Toronto.

Most of the Hugo players around my way suck. So ill play more caution just in case

Q vs Akuma

Well, all I ever played was versus Akuma scrubs, but, here’s my insight.

I notice that Akuma scrubs always runs away at the start of the match, so you can easily get Tauntx3 right there. Akuma’s throwing fireballs? Taunt that shit down.

As usual, Forward is a decent poke on the ground, and j.Jab seems to annoy an Akuma player, unless maybe Akuma starts throwing air fireballs? I’m not sure about other normals, so I’m sure that someone could fill this in.

I’m not sure about countering a blocked hurricane kick, but kara throw always gets them. I vaguely recall that you can close Forward xx whatever after blocking HK. I dunno? Confirm that, please.

I’ve been wondering how would a good Akuma player starts doing that HK reset crap, what would Q do? Yikes… Are Fierce Hand Slappy or EX Slappy move would beat out any of their jumping attempt after being resetted? I’d imagine back+strong would lose badly in that situation. I’d imagine a well-placed parry would easily beat out that situation, but it’s quite risky, since Akuma can mix up a lot after HK reset. Although if you DO get a parry, capitalize your punishment on Akuma!

What if Akuma decides to dash in after HK reset? I think that part would be tricky for Q player. Maybe I could do SAI right there if I see Akuma doing cr.short cr.jab cr. short stuff, or maybe try to throw me? I would know that I would be screwed if Akuma dashes in with full meter. Unless if I already tauntedx3 then RD from Akuma would look like a joke =)

I’m always afraid to try C&DB on Akuma since he seems so fast for that, and Akuma can easily punish Q heavily if Q misses. So what kind of situation that I should do C&DB on him? I’m thinking of j.Jab -> C&DB but that’s kinda obvious. Hmm, shrugs

Please state your opinions on my opinion and we will make a strong Q team! :smiley:

Don’t be afraid to try C&DB on akuma, the damage on the standing C&DB, EX dash punch, roundhouse is sick. Akuma will cry :frowning: Seriously you just have to make him think he needs to block on wake-up. You can do that by doing jab slappy hands when they are waking up. I guess that sort of works for any character. Jump in fierce, standing jab, RH C&DB is top tier! :slight_smile:

i dare you to play Q against my akuma :cool:

jkjk – Q is the least of my worried matchups =( the thing you have to abuse the most against akuma, or any other matchup for that matter, is q’s command grab…that leads to that EX rush punch or whatnot, or just deadly double right there…either way. abuse it with mixups. O_O

what’s up man, as for Q its S.SHORT NOT C. SHORT:evil: If u notice some japanese matches, standing short is a good setup for command grab. Fooling the opponent to parry low. Just do one short then the grab.

Here is my list of bad match up.

Yun, 12, hugo, ken, makoto, alex and chun li

I will later post how to deal with them.

Oops! Well that explains some things…Edit!

Whenever I try to use the High Speed Barrage as a wakeup on a shoto, I always get stuffed with a Shoryuken. I can only pull it off on characters like Makoto with no meter.

My experiences with Q vs. Akuma lead to a mosh pit of air Hadokens. When I see a break in the barrier, I try to get close using a Dashing Straight. It doesn’t even have to hit and if you time it right, Akuma will be in the air finishing an air Hadoken.

Block a shoryuken? C&DB that on the way down.

First of all, any character who runs away from Q is stupid. Q can get his 3 taunts in once this happens. Now, think what happens when Q gets 3 taunts:

  1. He has highest stamina in the game. Supers do joke damage.
  2. He has easiest parrying.

These 2 lead to one important thing. Confidence goes waaay up. The Q player can now take huge risks that pay off eventually. Once I get my Q charged up, my mentality is basically, do everything stupid that normally i wouldn’t do, hope for a parry, then fuck the guy up. This new confidence is soooooooo important, i can’t stress this enuf. Once Q is charged up, there are characters which LITERALLY can NOT kill Q in the duration of the fight because their style isn’t a continuous offensive style…it’s more peck and run. For example, a charged Q against Remy is really funny. Q basically has nothing to worry about…he can just take all the risks he wants by jumping in over and over and over.

Basically, to sum all this shit into one sentence:


I don’t pretend to know the names for alot of moves in this game, nor do I use fighting game speak most of the time, so bear with me.

The hardest matchup for Q is without a doubt Chun Li. I have been using Q nearly exclusively for a couple years now and he is the only character that will day in and day out eat me up.

She is really quick, so getting the 3 tauns out is probably only harder with Makoto. She has a really low crouch, so the jab slaps miss her quite frequently.

Anyone have any tips on good waysto get around Chun? I find Makoto to be a good fight most times, since she was quite popular around the Center for a while, she is definitely not the hardest. Hugo is up there, though, definitely. Not an easy matchup by any means, to whoever said that.

Eric Jacob

be enlightened and poke the shit out of them. :smiley: then mix up pokes with command grab. it’s REALLY THAT EASY! :cool:

Q vs Chun Li

Out-poke her with standing forward and try not to let her get a super :rolleyes:

It’s pretty hard to stay on her so she cannot do anything, but watch your feet, you would eat cr.forward’s, the famous kick in 3s.

Although, if you manage to get in 3 taunts… Well, you obviously know the result :smiley:

I’ve been wondering how does Q fares against grapplers, namely Alex and Hugo. Any ideas, anyone?

Man wtf? Chun is not hard at all. It doesn’t mean u’ll win or anything, but it sure as hell ain’t scary or hard. Q can charge up 3 times easily since stupid Chun-Whore’s like to back+fierce like sluts. Afte that it’s easy. Keep jumping in and trying to parry shit. She has shit for anti-air, so once you break her, beat her down hardcore and TURTLE. She won’t be able to break a turtling Q trust me. If you don’t wanna turtle just keep pressuring her bitch ass. Q has one of the best ways to get in on dirty whore Chun’s. After she whiffs her gay ass no skill back fierce or netural fierce, just jab Rush her bitch ass to get back in. The recovery on it is really low (like 3 frames or something from karathrow.com). Man, Chun is nothing. Ken on the other hand…or Yun…or Dudley.

EDIT: PARDON ME!!! The recovery on blocked jab rush is -2!!! Hot damn. Just abuse that shit against the whore when she whiffs fierces. And remember to command grab her ass on wakeup.

But…most important thing is to get 3 taunts in…then u’ll laugh to c her SAII do only like 25-30%.

I think Hugo is a tough match because he can out-turtle Q. Hugo can also taunt to power up his defence. Hugo has better pokes so he can rush Q as well. To beat his pokes you have to parry, and when you try to parry, he’ll command grab you. It’s an uphill battle. Makoto does this to Q as well, but it’s even worse. Makoto rapes Q with a dildo and makes Q say he likes it. Along with Urien, those are Q’s worst matches imo.

cough Q’s command grab has mad range - USE IT cough – Q has just about no pokes. however, he can outprioritize people’s pokes, namely with his standing roundhouse. that kick where he flops to the ground. O_o

yeah speaking of s. rh…i have no idea why (well i do, i like how it looks) i like to use his neuatral s. rh a lot now a days. i just like to do it when they’re getting up from max range and c they’re reaction if they get hit by the 6 foot boot. kinda of a fun thing, like connecting with alex’s s. rh…that shit’s awesome when u soccer kick em in the air and they go flying like harry potter during quiditch practice (yes i’m a harry potter fan).

I like to use the s.Roundhouse as an occational anti-wake up normal. But anyone half decent at parrying can easily get around it.

About Q vs. Urien: Q can s.Forward through an Aegis Reflector and hit Urien without actually getting hit by the super.

hehhee, you should ask gunjack how many times i get hit by his retarded standing roundhouse :bluu: he uses it as anti air against me!!! that damn thing covers the entire screen! wtfug! :mad:

Qs S.roundhouse is crazy it kinda reminds me of Alex big Ass boot. What do most of you guys think about the Mokoto and Q match up. Her Dash is crazy and thats just one of her games. I personally think Mokoto gives Q a great problem. Any suggestions on how this match should go.