Q: Melee & 64 Smash Sub-boards?

Sure Brawl is the hot new game with the sexy EVO2k8 robe on but these two started it, and we do have a whole Super Smash Brothers section, so why no Melee and 64 sub-forums? Sure there’s, “other games” section but I don’t get why not and the Melee thread in there is dead anyways

Not to mention the whole mess of people that still play/like Melee over Brawl


This aint Smashboards kid

answered your own question. The Brawl thread was going way too fast and far too active to restrict the game to a single thread. If no one even posts about melee in the melee thread why give it a whole subforum.

Can we get organized sub-sections for the characters ala the marvel section?

i still play smash 64
drill kick to fire uppercut with luigi is too sexy

You do realize this is the Super Smash Brothers sub-forum, not the Super Smash Bros. Brawl section. So topics aren’t limited to just Brawl.

Heres quote from the forum header:

“Super Smash Brothers Brawl Talk going on about Nintendo’s new hit, SSBB. Get Hype!”

This is, indeed, the Super Smash Bros. Brawl sub-forum in the Super Smash Bros Section

Kind of a good thing, Smashboards has had a huge influx of new users that keeps the intelligent conversation about the games lower than usual

Not to mention SSBM brought in the second biggest crowd at EVO Finals (I think MvC2 beat it out?) and has a very well established scene

Not trying to force it to happen, just asking for it

Don’t forget about those Jiggly rest combos, beastly

Because Wiz doesn’t see a need to have one.

Bonus trivia: There was a melee section for a day or two when the Brawl subforum was first put up, but it was 100% ignored so it was removed.

Thread closed.