Q mirror match. any ideas?

anyone have any experience at all with this match? lol

Some things right off the top of my head…

  • Don’t taunt first.
  • Aim to parry any far Dash Punches you see, if the other guy doesn’t have meter. Watch for Low Dashes, they’ll probably catch you off more than Overheads.
  • Jump whenever you see a C&DB attempt, the recovery is just that slow.
  • HK C&DB->MP Dash Punch->MP Dash Punch is your best juggle midscreen, and it’s easy to do on Q!

This could potentially be a grind if either of you start taunting, so it’s really up to who has more patience and the better eye.

you can use jump back hp just like shoto do

Q can EX Dash Punch you as you come down.

if you mean on whiff yep it will punish it

This 100x. Never give your opponent a free Dash Punch, and if your opponent gives you a free one then make sure you don’t miss it.

Also be wary of doing Dash Punches under your opponent’s jumps if they have SA1 stocked.

jumping mk is safe on Q even on parry.

expect redparry.

i always felt whoever gets meter first wins this match.