Q nage muteki

its not something to try 100% of the time, but just something Q players out there should know about. TM is really good at it. discuss.

I’ve managed to do this a few times in real matches, but never got the hang of the timing. Is this Q-only, or can it be done universally? I heard Makoto can do this too, a while back.

I took a look at it, Q is completely throw immune from the 4th frame after you release down til the 12th.
8 fuckin frames invincible, amazing!

Doesn’t seem to work with Makoto, at least in the same condition as Q.
Maybe you think of Mak total invincibility after her neutral grab?

I think it was Mike Z that said you could “randomly spaz down with Makoto and it will evade throws”. The timing is probably stricter than Q’s.

i assume Scooter helped you with the videos… :wow: good stuff…:tup:

awesome! I always asked myself how TM is abled to duck under so many throws. Thought it had be like Q´s hitbox moving back a little while ducking or sth like that. So the thrwo invincible c&dbs on wakeup he does sometimes are actually no super jump canceled c&dbs? Somebody once told me that if you sjc. c&db it gets throw invincible. I tried to do this in p mode, but no throw ever wiffed so I thought it was because I didn´t know the exact execution for it (was trying quick 360/270 starting with towards + p)


has to be one of the funniest 3rd moments Ive ever seen

haha nuki

From what i checked, you have to stay at neutral while standing for the invincibility to exist.

C&DB doesn’t become throw invincible like in CVS2 rollcancels. What happens is that you superjump and become throw immune during 6 frames (at max) of prejump, but then active the C&DB before this 6th frame and you’re now back to normal and become throwable again.

Do you play on PSN? I remember great sets playing against your Q on 2df/ggpo (and/or old xboxlive?) : )

Yeah, thx for clearing that up. So does this make the sjc. more or less irrelevant? With sjc. you get the instant(+ the time it takes to input the sjc) throw invincibility ,but only 6 at max… With this other technique you have to release down at least 2 frames before the oponent inputs throw(for neutral throw), but always get 8 farmes invincibility. Something like this?

Haha, yeah its been a while. The “good” old xbl days^^ (and ggpo). Definetly had some fun sets. Unfortunately, I have no ps3. Still on xbl though :slight_smile:

Well, yes, you’ll got more invincibility frames but you must stay at neutral during these or at least until you decide to do something (c&db for example), meaning free to anything during ‘frames inv.’ + ‘c&db startup frames’.
The SJC allows you to get a few inv frames while already starting the C&Db motion.
I guess both can be used depending the situation, but if i can consistently do sjc, i’d go for it everytime.

I am bare laaaaate but here is a vid of [FONT=arial]nage muteki in full force against Hugo…[/FONT]


I do this all the time and I’ve been getting pretty good at it. Which is saying a lot 'cause I’m pretty terrible at this kinda stuff. It’s nice as well because if my timing is slightly off or the players decides to go for a low I get a free parry. Not a true option select per se, however, it is awesome when it works out in your favour.