Q 's dash punch X2 combo after the grap

I can do this combo on shotos and twins without problem.For the shotos I use LP overhead dash punch link with regular LP dash punch after the command throw, for the twin I use MP,but on some other characters I found it not easy to combo them with the first overhead dash punch ( or never able to) . Like urien ,hugo and alex, Why? does this combo even work on them?

Check out UltraDavid’s how to thread for a comprehensive list of the works and don’t works, but yes, Alex, Urien, Hugo, Q and Twelve don’t get hit by variations of the overhead dash, dash combo.
edit: Necro too? Huh.

the dash-dash is a waste of time IMO. Q almost ALWAYS has meter and if you do EX Dash then HK it takes off way more damage. On the EXTREMELY rare case you don’t have enough meter for that, you can overhead dash - dash (which is much easier).

In the corner, your much better off doing lp dash, back + HP. Does same damage but more stun, AND resets them. The reset is the most important part because it gives you an immediate mixup and forces your opponent to react, unlike if they were to fall/get up.

Just my two cents.

Like I said, I would never waste meter in the corner on an EX, I always go for the reset. I think u misunderstood me.

Off the reset…hmm, I’m not sure. I’ll have to test that out.

Hah… grap.

Dont always do the reset. In fact, you shouldnt bother with it unless youre fully taunted, because doing two dash punches gives you a free taunt. Plus, if youre up against someone who can get hit by fierce dash punch, strong dash punch, it does much more damage than just dash punch, reset. I find that in high level competition, the reset really isnt as useful as it used to be back in the day against not-high-level players. Like, what does it really get you? You have mostly the same options after a knockdown in the corner and after a corner reset, except you can also taunt and take time to set up tricky crap. Sure, I do the reset sometimes, but its more the exception than the rule for me nowadays. If the opponent expects a reset, hell get used to dealing with it and that sucks for you. Mixing stuff up is your friend.

I go for the dash punch, ex dash punch in the corner if I have SAI and can afford to waste the meter. I say whatever to worrying about meter, Id much rather worry about damaging the opponent. The ex dash punch doesnt add a lot of damage, but youre Q, so its important to always do as much damage as possible since you dont get a whole lot of chances. Dont take opportunities for granted.

Not in the corner, no you don’t get a free taunt. If they quick recover they can hurt you.

Slightly more damage but less stun. The stun is more important because you can pretty much end the round after a Q stun.

It gets you the chance for an immediate mixup, and the opponent has to make to react to what you are doing imediately. He doesn’t have the luxory of laying there for a few seconds to think about it. You remain in his face.

Trust me on this, the difference is huge.

I’ll agree with you there. Nothing wrong with mixing it up in fact I think this is the best way to go about it.

See man you’re just a Kuroda fan lol. kidding of course, but you are aware that’s just one of Kuroda’s signatures and is really stupid to do if you think about it. It’s a total waste of meter. It does look cool as hell though.

I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. We both play very different Q’s and I think that is a good thing. I’ll tell you what though next tourney I see you at we’re going to settle who has the best Q on the East Coast hah. Catch you later man :tup:

ive got a real good Q bert…

I mean, it’s not like Q has trouble getting meter, and if you still have a super stored, there’s really no point in not doing it. After all, it’s not who has the most meter at the end of the round, it’s who has taken off more of the other guy’s health bar. As for the corner double dash punch, you do in fact get a free taunt. I just tested it the other day against everyone with quick rise turned on, and none of the characters got up in time for it to matter.

The reset only forces an immediate reaction if it’s unexpected. Otherwise, as soon as you land the c&db, they’ll start thinking about what to do. In fact good players always do that after you land the c&db, and whether or not you take an extra couple of seconds won’t usually throw their game off to badly. Of course, if done when unexpected, it will, but used too often it won’t have the same effect.

My god man your right. It does give you a free taunt. I’ll be damned.

So you’re right it’s viable.

After the reset they are forced to guess. Most players will expect another CDB so they will either a. Jump b. Wakeup move (if they have one) or C. Block. If it’s a shoto I’ll usually capture again and even if the react to it in time and escape, now they’ll expect it and this is when you can start getting interesting with what you can do…

If you knock them down yes you still get a free wakeup mixup but it’s not as good - they are more likely to be able to react to what you’re doing - they’ll see a capture from a mile away (usually not always).

If you need the taunt, dash , ex dash is good. If you don’t, I would go with the reset. Regular dash dash in the corner is a waste, because it does the same as the reset but less stun, and of course doesn’t reset.

But whatevers.
It’s all about how you play Q. Noone plays Q like me and I don’t expect them to.

ill say against light charecters (yun yang ibuki) the 2 dash punches in the corner are way better than EX dash punch, because against them (light characters) you can do fierce dash punch, and then a medium dash punch, taunt… and if u had no meter before that (considering you have SA2) youll have about half your meter full, plus a taunt

It’s definitely style, but Kuroda sticks in a free taunt afterwards as well as being in close proximity after the knockdown…so it’s viable if you can do it consistently.

Cmon Urien skills, don’t fail me now…:lovin:

ive had 2 of my friends say Q is broke… one is a necro player and one is an ibuki player… does anyone want to give them tips that i can show them?