Q: Soldiering Usb Male B to GC input



I’m sorta new to this forum, so if I am posting this incorrectly please aid and sorry!.

Question: Does anyone know how to solder a usb male B (by cutting usb cable in half) to a Game cube input connector? Reason being: I want it to hook up to my neutrik adapter for my Mc Chtulhu.

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There’s a Gamecube pin-out on this site.

Nintendo Gamecube Controller Pinout

I think you only need to use 1, 2 and 3.

Well, I know you only need to use 1, 2, 3 for RJ45, I can’t say for USB, I’m pretty new to wiring.


Why do you need to attack USB Male B to a Game Cube cord? If you are doing a MC Cthulhu, you should use a more suitable connector, RJ 45, Din 8, DB 9 and so on.




this is just a giant no altogether…

To elaborate on toodles’ no…

Firstly, if you were to try to use the MCthulhu for the gamecube, you’d need your G, V and F holes on the MC while for usb you’d need G, V, D, E on the MC. Since there are 5 wires needed and USB only supports 4, then the answer is this is not possible to do without lets say a SPDT switch. Even still this ends up to be more work rather than just having an RJ45 mod which will allow you more possibilities in terms of consoles


oh. Okai Thanks for the insight

Edit: Could someone point me to the right direction (e.g.: tut) on the RJ45 mod





I am confused, your saying No to me or the Original Post?


The OP. What he’s wanting to do wont work.


Oh, Ok. Lack of sleep + easily misunderstood post = confused Darksakul