Q stuff (arcade only)

yeah this stuff only works in the arcade, if this is already known then oh well because i found these out myself

1: pick q with total destruction, win your first round with a bufferable move and have total destruction activate after the k.o. round 2 activate total destruction and if you hit with it or time runs out, your bar will be empty but it will still say 1/1 supers. also when you build up some meter it will be the gold color used when your time is running out instead of the regular blue.

2: pick any character/any super and play the computer to get to q, beat the 7th computer complete with enough accumulated super art finishes but second player must join in after you get your points for winning but before q’s head shows up at the bottom left. if you beat the challenger you will get to face q on gill’s stage with q’s music :cool: