Q: Total Destruction F.a.q. & Tutorial


Ok, yes, it’s his worst super. Perhaps the worst in the game? Either way, I like using it… It can be very satisfying to actually land this POS super. Yes I know that in “high-level play” or in “Japanese tournaments” SAIII doesn’t cut it. But most of us don’t get to take on KO or Daigo everyday, and not every match is a tournament one. If we submit to that line of thinking, NO ONE should pick Q at all, ever… He sucks right? Anyway, it gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside when I know that my opponent is thinking “How could I be so fucking STUPID to get hit by that POS super?!?” and that makes it all worthwhile IMO.

I’m going to lay down info for people if they want to challenge themselves by picking SAIII, then if anyone can add anything, please do. Feel free to ridicule any mistakes I make, but at least correct them if you do. (WTF am I saying? Like your average SRK top-tier whore is gonna even look in this section, let alone read all this.)

ONE long-ass super meter… meaning no EX moves unless they’re gonna win you the round, and I mean it! Seriously, if you gonna pick SAIII, you might as well try and use the damned thing.

It seems that Q has invincibility during the startup, black screen, and a little teeny tiny bit at the start of his recovery. Since this move CANNOT hit the opponent, and you are vulnerable during recovery, your opponent can hit you if you they are free to move and in range when you activate.

The activation itself also makes Q take a step BACKWARD once he’s done and glowing red… meaning, if you activate point blank, I think you might get pushed out of range for s.MK x DAGEKI against some characters.

I wish I had frame date for this move, but I don’t. The bradygames guidebook doesn’t list ANYTHING for it (except to say it sucks). I think it also mixes up which SAIII followup attack is faster?

Karathrow.com has some data, but that’s for DC. So is it -1 for each number for AE?

Anyhow, it lists the activation as having 20 startup, but no recovery. Sooo… I assume that it’s actually for the ENTIRE move. ie: startup + black screen + recovery = 20 frames? It seems like a relatively instant super, so I’ll guess at the startup being 1-2 frames, leaving the actual recovery at like 18-17? Anyone? The numbers get a bit funny sometimes too… I think there might be some things that he shouldn’t mathematically be able to punish, but he can… but I really don’t know. Either way I will be using it as a referrence. (Props to karathrow.com! w00t!)

I have no idea what to call this move in english… I think “Dageki” translates to “shock” “strike” or “damage” or something… meh.

CAN BE PARRIED??: Yes! High and Low! Awesome!
STUN: 24


  • it has long range, farther than his s.MK
  • it will trade with a LOT of attacks, resulting in full damage
  • it can be comboed from close s.MK
  • it can be used in juggle combos
  • it has high stun


  • if they duck the range magically shrinks to his elbow, less than far MK.
  • it has lots of startup (1 frame less than back+fierce)
  • it does CRAP damage for such a long super meter IMO
  • it can be blocked
  • it can be parried high AND low!
  • it has huge recovery if blocked/whiffed

When blocked, the blockstun is surprisingly long… so your opponent might mistime their response and not punish you so bad. However, expect that to work exactly ONCE (probably not at all) because the whole reaching out business leaves Q totally spent, and he is extremely open afterwards regardless… Ken has much less recovery on his FIERCE DRAGON PUNCH.

What else do I call it? It’s the only time Q ever speaks!! Or is that someone else’s voice?

STUN: 21


  • it does a LOT of damage! about 50% on the twins
  • it is unblockable
  • the startup isn’t that bad, about half of C&DB
  • it has decent range! More than Alex’s Powerbombs and slightly less than Hugo’s Jab 360.


  • The range isn’t THAT good, as it is less than far s.MK and C&DB
  • it isn’t instant, as you can be jabbed out of it
  • it has HUGE recovery if missed
  • it requires the opponent to be grounded

I much prefer this move over the first one, simply because of the damage. Nothing better than hearing “danger” and you win the round. If it is whiffed, you are left wide open, even more so than with Dageki, and you even move closer to the opponent during the recovery making it easier for them to hit you. Although It can never be blocked, if they happen to jump straight up when you go for it, you should expect to eat a very large combo.


How the FUCK Do You Land These POS Moves?!
Optimally, you would want to activate, then land your DAGEKI combo, or DANGER grab, immediately afterwards, without giving your opponent a chance to avoid the followup. However life sucks, and so does this super. When Capcom was giving out the quick supers with no recovery, I guess Urien and Yun got the last ones and Q must’ve accidentally locked himself in the bathroom or something and missed out…

The most obvious way to land this super is to cancel into it off of an anti-air dash punch if you’re close to the corner… then DAGEKI. C&DB sets this up nice… though the damage is lame IMO. Otherwise, the most obvious route is to take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes.

With most any NORMAL super, you can just block a laggy special move or sweep or something, then bust out your super. Not with this one. Whatever you are blocking needs to have a large armount of recovery for you to be able to punish it… about 27-28 frames for DANGER, or s.MK x DAGEKI, and a whopping 33 or so if you’re far out and can only reach with DAGEKI I think?.

Some moves you can punish if blocked: Supreme Rising Rage Flash, Hadou Burst, Shoryu-Cannon, Yoroi Doushi, Brave Dance, Rocket Uppercut, Hammer Frenzy, Tenshin Senkyuutai, all Shoryu-type supers, and all Fierce DP-type moves (some Strong ones too).

Let me put it a different way, he can’t punish a Q blocked sweep with it I don’t think… that’s pretty fucking bad. :confused: (If you know of any more, fill me in!)

But there are other things you can do… Like take advantage of the invincibility of Activation, to make attacks whiff through you. This gets by that pesky blockstun and allows you to punish a greater array of attacks. But this requires you to be psychic, and it is VERY risky. So i’ll call it the UME TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

If they perform an attack that stays out too long, you’ll get hit (FB for example). If they perform an attack with little recovery, you won’t be able to punish it for whiffing (d.LK for example)… and they STILL might be able to punish you for activating (if the keep mashing d.LK for example).


  • to pass through sweep, then DANGER
  • to pass through wake-up jab DP, then DANGER

This is where the numbers get funny I think… the math doesn’t work, but the technique does. Anyhow, you can avoid things like throws, d.MKs, etc. with UME TOTAL DESTRUCTION, and quicker attacks… but don’t expect to be able to punish them with S.MK x DAGEKI, DANGER, etc. But it CAN be a way to safely activate your super. (in a hella not-safe risky manner)

The 3rd way to ACTIVATE then followup is by making use of parry. Similar to UME TOTAL DESTRUCTION, if you parry something, it allows you to recover quicker than if you had blocked it. Stuff like jab DPs and similarily laggy moves can be punished with ACTIVATION, then followup, if they are parried instead of blocked.

Now, if you combine ALL THREE of these methods, you can use them to punish even MORE attacks with ACTIVATION, then followup.


  • you block Ken kick super, red parry 2nd hit, blue parry, blue parry, avoid last hit with TOTAL DESTRUCTION ACTIVATION!, grab with DANGER!
  • you block Chun Li kick super, block first wave of kicks, red parry the next wave, blue parry x7, avoid the last kick with TOTAL DESTRUCTION ACTIVATION!, grab with DANGER!

I didn’t say it was going to be easy…

For those times when you just CAN’T get any of this shit to work (which will be a lot), and you’re sick of staring at your FULL METER for 2 rounds, you can try to safely activate and then just go from there… Meaning, you have to get TWO openings now, instead of one. First you have to safely activate.

Air-to-Air j.HP, land, TOTAL DESTRUCTION

  • and other places where you can safely taunt


  • I believe this is pretty safe… but I’m not too sure because I rarely ever do it.


  • it is NOT completely safe, as quick supers can punish it. But it is very tight to do so.


  • I believe this is completely safe… at least Ken’s reversal kick super can’t hit you in time.

Then there’s other stuff like knockdown or throw, then ACTIVATE…

REMEMBER that you’re a bigass target once you activate, so it will probably draw out all kinds of attacks. Get your Parry ready and don’t be afraid to stand up to draw out those whiffs. Although you might not be in range for DANGER or DAGEKI when you activate, you still might be able to parry low and C&DB if they try a low kick or something. Hell, far s.MK even. Take what you can get. After they fail to hit you after ACTIVATION, some people might start trying supers… this is GOOD.

When they ask you if they can hit you, say stuff like “Well geez, I think so… the super sucks. I read on an internet site that you can always hit him with a quick super or something. I’ve been hit before, so just keep trying I guess? Sweep should do it.”


WTF am I Supposed To DO when I’m Red?!?!
If you can safely turn red, or most likely you fucked up one of your other attempts and are red anyways, you now don’t have to worry about activation and you can punish a lot more moves on whiff/block/etc with DAGEKI or DANGER. But they still suck.

Just play like normal, but you now have 2 new specials that do good damage. At this point DANGER will only be good to punish, after parry, or to catch them being asleep. DAGEKI can hit jumpers and snuff attacks, it’s horizontal range up high is really quite long, but there will be utter hell to pay if it is blocked or whiffed against a croucher. You have to be kinda psychic with that as well. It’s awesome.

You could try using UME DAGEKI against wake-ups, specials, jump-backs, far jump-ins, etc to trade. But try to use it against attacks that are somewhat safe to get hit by, that don’t lead to combo if you do. (It does a fuckload against Dudley EX Cross-Counter, w00t!). DANGER isn’t too bad, as how it is at least twice as fast as C&DB, and we manage to land that sucker sometimes don’t we? …and for the love of god, I hope you can parry.

Just don’t be a stupid retard and whip out DANGER the moment you get close, or do blocked s.MK x DAGEKI. If you don’t get an opening, and you can’t anticipate well, then don’t do it!

You’ll notice that people might play differently when you’re red. Either more defensive, jumpy, etc. USE THIS. If you can pick out a pattern, take advantage of it. Like, they might do things when you get close to stop DANGER, so anticipate and option-parry instead. Don’t concentrate on your followups too much. Like, don’t sacrifice your C&DB for DANGER if further out. DANGER might be quicker, but it doesn’t have the range of C&DB. If you can hit them with close MK, but don’t know if it’s going to be blocked or not, you’re playing with fire if you cancel into DAGEKI. etc… You don’t NEED to do the followups, you just need to STAY ALIVE and cause whatever damage you can.

If your oponnents run away from you when you’re red, use this time to taunt… use (whiff) dash punches, s.MPs, dash, whatever to get back in. Then make fun of them for runnning from Q, with his WORST super. Attack their masculinity. People hate that and it almost always gets a response…

“awww… look at the little girl! Don’t have the balls to attack the worst character in the game? While using his worst super? are you scared?”

“Look! He’s afraid! He’s not man enough to handle the WORST CHARACTER using the WORST SUPER in the game! He must be a real awesome player!”

“HA-HA! I never thought I’d see the day where Ken is afraid and has to run like a little girl! From Q of all people! With TOTAL DESTRUCTION!? Woah! Calm down Daigo!! You mad rushdown is Crazy! HAHA!”

Hopefully this will piss them off so they’ll stay close, and maybe even become brash with their attacks… of course, you’ll still have to be somewhat psychic, and/or lucky. :slight_smile: w00t.


Bradygames AE guidebook
me and fellow scrubs.

Comments, Questions, and Criticisms are Welcome.

This beats my Total Destruction FAQ which read,

Step 1, Play 3s
Step 2, Pick Q
Step 3, Pick Total Destruction super
Step 4,
Step 5, PROFIT!

hrm… either my tongue-in-cheeck guide was very shitty or nobody plays SAIII Q i guess.

we are a rare breed I suppose.

in the brady games guide they say u can corner C&DB, Dashing Head Attack (MP), Total Destrction with P/Dageki, but I cant do that. I can only do C&DB, Super or Jumping deep HP, standing close MK, Super

"The most obvious way to land this super is to cancel into it off of an anti-air dash punch if you’re close to the corner… then DAGEKI. C&DB sets this up nice… though the damage is lame IMO. "

It’s not hard at all… after Q lets them go after the C&DB, wait and time a dash punch so it hits them before they land. Super cancel the dash punch into Total Destruction. They will bounce into the air after being hit by the dash punch… so when you recover from SAIII activation, they are still airborne. QCF+P for Dageki, and hit them before they land.

Questions about Red Parry into BAKAHATSU O TOMONAU DAGEKI YA HOKAKU (KARI)!! omgwtf i’m not typing that again.

Against multi-hitting moves like Ken’s b+MK, Ken SAIII, Chun SAII, can you just do:
(red parry last hit) xx activate, QCK+K
and land the grab? Or is there not enough time/distance and you have to parry some of the initial hits?

How many of the usual C&DB ticks work with QCF+K?
since QCF+K comes faster, I imagine that some won’t work because the opponent will still be in block stun while the grab goes off…

Has anybody written up a list of notable/wtf moves the QCF+K can grab? I remember once there was a video that showed all kinds of weird stuff, including all kinds of things that you’d never guess Q’s throw and C&DB could and do grab, but I don’t remember it showing much weirdness with QCF+K.

Can Q kara cancel into the QCF+P/K with any benefit? If he could, that’d be funny…

Random thought: Q deserved the Healing super.

While DANGER! might come out quicker than C&DB, I don’t think you’re taking into account the time of ACTIVATION.

So… it’s much different if you have to activate first, because that adds a LOT of time to the equation. It’s no genei-jin that’s for sure…

However, if you’re ALREADY primed, and flashing red… then yeah, DANGER can be better than C&DB. I think parry into DANGER is one of the best ways to land it anyhow.

I have tried to kara-cancel DANGER!, but alas, I don’t think it is possible because of the move overlap. Perhaps I am missing something? Oh how I would love to be able to kara s.MP into danger.

If fact, because of Q’s moveset, DANGER can take a quite of bit of joystick work to use properly when you want it (similar to C&DB). This is because if you block too much, and don’t “break” your charge on purpose, you’ll get dash punch/whatever when you try for the special. (anyone who has gotten dash low punch instead of C&DB or throw knows what I am talking about, ESPECIALLY when peopl jump over you)

…and AFAIK, DANGER is a throw, just like the rest, so it should grab everything the other ones do… providing that you’re in range, they’re grounded, not invincible, etc.

NEW Game-breaking technique!!! Sick of your s.MK into Dageki combo whiffing against crouchers!? Sick of it being practically worhtless?! Check this new ish yo!

Not only is there another uber-safe way to activate, (anti-air s.LP into ACTIVATION) you can also reset with Dageki!!

Yes! RESET! Crazy! The easiest midscreen way is to anti-air s.LP and cancel into Dageki… Cake!! (but, they have to be really low to the ground or you’ll whiff). They can’t hit you out of it! (But they can easily just parry once). Still Awesome!

Near the corner, it’s something else! Once you’ve got your opponent in Q’s wicked cornertrap (or, you managed to sneak in a lucky throw after being locked down in the corner yourself for most of the round) you can now Dageki after Air-to-Air moves!

Air-to-air J.HP, land, BAM!! DAGEKI!!! Eat it motherfucker! (But please don’t tap forward)

The possibilities are endless!

Depends on which character you’re playing against. Against a lot of characters, jab rush punch is what you need. Strong is only the best for a few, you can use fierce for the small characters.

I don’t know how I didn’t see this guide before, it’s really cool! Well done and all that. I’ve messed around with this super a bit myself. Obviously I much prefer SAI and II for serious play, but as you rightly pointed out, if your concern is serious play, why are you playing with Q?

It’s good that you pointed out that you don’t NEED to land the super once you’ve activated it. Think of it like K groove in CvS2. Sure, you want to land your super, but if no opportunities arrive, you can’t go forcing it. It’s better just to use the automatic intimidation that comes with the threat of landing it than it is to just throw something out.

For the mid-screen jab reset, do you have to dash forward after the jab like you do for the SAII reset? I wouldn’t think so, right?

Thanks for the props! :slight_smile: I too, use SAI mostly… but when I have something to prove, or just want to have fun… I love hearing “DANGER!!” as he molests the opponent.

That’s why all those kids run away at the start of the round… they’re afraid of DANGER!!

Dash forward doesn’t work… Dageki is too slow, and they land first. (I think, try it out for yourself!)

For midscreen reset, i don’t know if it works against everyone… but you simply do s.LP and cancel into Dageki. The thing is though, that the have to be really low or else you’ll whiff underneath them. Either way, Prolly good after anti-air parry.

You COULD just jab, and try and link it… but they bounce too far I think. Maybe against bigger charactesr it can work?

Wow, didn’t see this thread coming…strange

jumping in fierce punch or kick and standing medium kick to qcf. medium punch. For kara’s, down weak kick to the SAIII command grab, overhead SAIII command grab, and jumping in fierce punch into SAIII command grab (for this one its better to do it when they’re blocking). Also for people who parry too much, do standing medium kick into the SAIII command grab or do fierce kick into SAIII command grab. (restating) I’m not sure if karaing this super is even safe at all…

Drunken master, unfortunately I do have to agree with you that this super is not for everyone (if anyone since it reminds me of q on fire by srk’s all the time sucks).

ok… i really don’t know what you’re talking about here. Kara-ing the super?

Are you talking about Kara-Activation?? What would you kara? d.MP? Or are you talking about Kara-DANGER?

From the sounds of it, you’re actually talking about “ticks”. Hitting the opponent, then trying to throw them afterwards.

On a totally unrelated note: I managed to land air-to-air j.HP, then reset DAGEKI in the corner today against a Ken that was jumpy because he was afraid of DANGER. w00t! :slight_smile:

SAIII is teh toppest of low tiers.

I’m trying to find some kara’s for this thing but it’s pretty hard considering it’s horrible recovering. I’ve been messing around with moves that push me forward (such as forward med. punch or something to get in the range for Danger! grab. Sick with it using that fucking reset shit. I got to use that some way. Genei-jin boy can’t do shit because of the fear when that meter is on since one parry is all you need to get Danger! in. On one weird unrelated note I Danger! my bro’s genei-jin crossover string. Haha…

In any case trying to find resets in to DAGEKI and DANGER! ought to important to look for and yeah st. mk when parryed will enable you to counter attack with DANGER! (but doesn’t always work against shoto’s).
If you think you can help me out in finding out more shit about SAIII and what can be pulled off with DAGEKI and DANGER! I’d really appreciate from the bottom of my ultra low tier heart.

Everything I know about SAIII is already here… read away!

I’ve got a combo. Didn’t read all the posts so it might be old.

In the corner-Super, qcb lk, lp, qcf p