[Q] Training Mode Damage

Ok using akuma vs ryu here. Why does ryu take full from hits until he’s below half life then he starts taking like 54 or 57 from hadou or like 144 from triple red or something. And yes he still has life he’s not draining to empty. Is there some kind of armor that you get when your life is low? moves seem to do less and less the closer he is to zero as well.

Yes, damage is reduced when you have less life. Here is an interesting write-up which describes all of the details. It also includes info on damage reduction on combos.


This is why Seth dies much faster than Akuma despite the fact Seth only has 50 life points less than Akuma.

Edit: lol, got up to go to the bathroom and Ryu!! beats me to the punch.

wow, this is totally bullshit