Q ultimate faq

i actuly like him alot. ill post what i nkow, anybody else post anything useful would be … useful

b+strong = gooooooood. good to stuff alot of stuff. quick, good aa and if parried your safe … ehh … for the most part

taunting is good … but pretty hard to get

real match i use super 1, 2 against the twins because i love big damage… 2 agaist anybody weak actuly

command grab with feirce, jab dash punch but the overhead version combos with very gay timing. then you can do jab one again.

or ex after the overhead version. or in corner 2 ex punches

what was that command grab … standing rh into super 2 ? mmm might have to try that.

i use him in high level play, i think hes good enough to withstand it. his kara-throw is insane.

pretty much i turtle and wait for an opening while throwing at every oppurtinity

anybody else got any ideas ? fighting chun li / ken / urien is pretty hard. the urien i play is good with partioning and knows monster combos. but … taunts help, getting them is alittle tricky haha

anybody know any good setups that give a safe taunt ? chun li or ken can ruin Q after throw -> taunt

i usually just do them randomly and hope they don’t react haha

Watch Clawstrophobia.

Yeah, watch Clawstrophobia, it’s a great vid, even if not exactly perfect. You should know that you can’t always safely taunt after air-to-air jumping fierce, depending on the character you’re facing. Like, don’t do it against a Dudley with meter unless you want an EX-machine gun punch juggle to the face. Same thing with anti-air slaps, if you don’t land all three slaps it isn’t safe. And you can’t taunt twice after SAII safely against a Dudley with meter either. I think those are the only things that vid has any problems with, and those are pretty situational things.

Also check out all the info in this thread, there’s plenty of it, including all the stuff you wrote in your post.

maybe the guy using Q was sacrificing life for a taunt… its stupid of him but he probably thought it would benefit him in the long run… cuz remember u get he damage decrease when the screen shakes… u can still get hit on his recovery but ull still get the bonus… I would only do that if to sacrifice a hit like chun’s fp or something

You forgot to add that Q is a pimp.

you got the best Q Av I have seen

What’re some beginner tips for a Q player? Would it be better to use SAI or II?

Read the old posts on this forum (as in use “Display -> from the beginning”).

Quick and dirty:

  • C&DB = “Capture and Deadly Blow” = HCB+K command throw
  • slaps = QCB+P
  • You NEED to learn to kara throw.
  • SAII is highly recommended against all the zippy characters (Yun, Ibuki, etc.)
  • SAI is good in general. You can punish a blocked shoto sweep with it, but it must be Reversal.
  • Most damaging non-corner C&DB juggle is EX dash punch, s.RH.
  • Good corner C&DB juggle is jab dash punch, b+FP.
  • You can link SAII from UOH.
  • Short C&DB, jab slaps usually lets you get two free taunts.
  • Primary poke is s.FK.

Q has a few character specific tricks, but a lot of Q is just playing by feel… after all, he can barely combo, he’s generally slow, and he’s a huge target. Unmetered, the main thing you have to get people off you is kara throw.

Play for a while to get a feel for his weirdness.

Practice that kara throw. A good way to practice in training mode is to do a neutral throw on Alex, and then try doing kara throw with neutral SP… i.e. all you’re doing is SP xx JP+SK. It’s very quick. If you’re doing it right, you will grab them. Do it until you can have Q grab them over and over again without error.

Watch SlimX’s “Clawstrophobia” video, it has a bunch of cool tips.

Where can I dl the vid?

It’s really Streak’s video; I just contributed some stuff.

Ah ok, then I know which vid.

Q’s kara is b.mp… it has crazy reach and its makes Q’s defensive game more deadly cuz ur holding back and u find an opening and their in range kara the fuck outta em

Heh what was I on that day. Not only is that wrong, but I don’t even remember writing it. Congrats to me!

About the kara, yeah, back+strong is his best, but regular standing strong ain’t too shabby neitha. The reason I mention it is that if you want to play throw-baiting games in the corner, doing the back+strong will throw the opponent out of the corner unless you totally rock at pressing the back part for such a split second. Just so happens that I don’t, so I just do a strong kara. Works fine, you still have better throw range than any normal throw and your kara throw is still better than just about any other character’s kara throw.

I get 3 taunts every round, right? Would it be better to always try getting in all 3 or is one or two safer?

I have been swayed by Kuroda. I used to make sure I got all three taunts in early, but not anymore. Kuroda rarely taunts unless he’s completely safe and it doesn’t hurt his positioning. Sometimes he only gets one or two taunts in, and sometimes only towards the end, and sometimes he doesn’t taunt at all. And he wins. Even without the taunts, Q has one of the best defenses in the game (if I recall correctly, third after Hugo and Alex). While it’s true that, all else equal, having three taunts is better than not, think about what you stand to gain and lose when taunting. Do you gain defense while losing no positioning or health? If so, great, do it. Do you gain defense while losing one of those things? If so, think twice. Don’t just consider whether or not you CAN taunt, consider whether or not you SHOULD.

Thing is, the third taunt gives the largest defense boost by quite a bit, more than doubling the defense gain of the first 2 combined. So if you’ve already got 2 under your belt, it sort of behooves you to go for that third. I guess it depeneds on your style; also, gotta think of your opponent’s options at the time.

here be some numbers (originally posted by Streak):
"I found a piece of paper where i figured out Q’s actual defense numbers. I don’t remember what combo/super I used so okay, here it is anyway.

From the mystery combo Q takes:
No Taunt: 63 dmg 100% Defense
1 Taunt: 52 dmg 121% Defense (+21)
2 Taunts: 46 dmg 136% Defense (+15)
3 Taunts: 36 dmg 175% Defense (+39)"

Q has better stock defense than Alex (who’s 5th, I believe). He’s 4th behind Hugo, Gill, and Urien. It might also be the case that Alex and Q have the same stock defense, but I don’t remember.


The stock defense tiers should be something like (from worst to best):

Remy, Ibuki
Yun, Yang
Twelve, Necro
Ryu, Ken, Makoto, Dudley
Q, Alex

So he has the third-best defense among playable characters? Meh, I almost got it right. And in any case, the point remains the same: Q has great defense even without the taunts. Taunts help him a lot, but they aren’t absolutely necessary and shouldn’t be something you try to max out at all costs.

remy has better defense than yun and yang, its just his stun bar is as long as akuma’s

taunts depend on who im fighting if their rushing me yea don’t taunt but for example a turtle akuma and he jumps back with a fireball from full screen i get a free taunt… i turtle like hell with Q and i usually get 3 taunts in… if im fighin somebody who has a super stocked i won’t take the risk but if im fighting say chun and she has no meter and i already have 2 taunts in i go on ahead and do the 3rd cuz remember u get the bonus when the screen shakes and i’ll take the fp in the mouth but it pays off later in the match if she lands a c.mk>super

i think taunts play an important role in Q’s game…