Q Vids (Updated: 9/6/05)



Q Vids (Updated: 9/13/05)

This is the first vid of many to come. I’ll have more up later, including the Q Clawstraphobia vid from a few years ago.


I shouldn’t have to tell you it’s Kuroda. His sit at the character select screen until time runs out is his signature. Let me know what you guys think.


good video, i usually do ok against ken with Q.


Nice Vid.


that shit was tight


damn, its gone:(



New one. Comments.


can you share that first one again?


good match, thx for sharing

ToyRobotTerror: give your mail and ill send it to u (make sure u have ~7Mb free tho)


I can put up the old one or share a new one ur choice


I’m down with you putting up a new one. Although, can anyone supply me with the first vid?


you can find the clawstrophobia vid on CV


Files have expired ;_;