Q vs. Grapplers [ ie : Alex and Hugo ]

i have a hard time against Alex and Hugo. what sort of zoning and turtuling tactics can I employ with Q so Hugo and Alex don’t immediatly whoop my ass (being two top defensive characters in 3s ). thank you !

Turtle. When they get close to you, kara-throw and turtle some more.

Try to get your taunts in too.

If you parry something, punish. If your opponent can’t parry, do random dash punches.

Get your 3 taunts in so their throws do shit worth of damage, and use your normals to keep them away. If they jump in walk back and do something like b.mp or his bitch slaps. You could also keep doing his dash punches since their practically unpunishable but don’t over do it and become predictable, lp dash punch is probably the best since it comes out so quick making it hard to parry. Mix up your game too with C&DB and kara grabs.

Ok I use hugo, the best thing vs hugo, use sa1, get taunts in early

sa1 AA when ever they try jumping at u… too good

Against Hugo, I actually don’t think Q should turtle. This is one of the few matches where Q is at least even with his opponent. Things like strong and fierce slaps are really helpful here, and there’s not a thing Hugo can do about them. You don’t even have to hit with them, if Hugo blocks them, great, you dish out chip damage and keep him at bay. Jumping up/toward forward from max distance is really annoying for Hugo since he doesn’t really have an anti-air to beat it, and semi-early jumping fierce is good too both to keep Hugo at bay and thwart the backbreaker and to possibly open up big damage opportunities, or to tick into c&db. Dash punches, as always, are important. A lot of Hugo’s moves have bad recovery, and commonly used pokes like standing strong and crouching forward, if whiffed, are easily punished by dash punch xx super or even just SAI. Standing forward is also helpful, as always. Standing short and crouching jab aren’t really as useful as they normally are here.

In short, you can “rush” him down. Push him back, back, back. You should do fine.

I don’t know too much about Hugo, since I play Alex, but one thing I learned about Hugo the hard way is that you cannot tick him if you’re Alex; he’ll grab you with Moonsault Press (or Gigas) anyway because of its start-up and range. I don’t know the frame data for C&DB, but, if it’s not faster than Power Bomb, you really shouldn’t tick Hugo for it.

Q’s c&db has a longer range than Hugo’s spd and a way longer range than Alex’s powerbomb, so ticks work, yeah. You have to be very careful of the range, that’s for sure, but once you get the distance down you’ll be fine. Pretty much all Hugo can do against it is mash jabs, jump, or SAIII. Maybe a running lariat would work too, but no one has ever tried that against me so maybe not. You know, I don’t even know if Hugo’s SAI can catch Q from max c&db range, since it’s never come up.

Oh, Karathrow.com, where have you and your beautiful frame data gone?

I believe c&db does indeed outrange gigas, but I’m taking that purely from an offhand comment made by CrazyDazed over in that VO 3s thread, so yes.

please don’t tick hugo, ever

try to c&db him outside his powerbomb range (your standing short would be a good tick). this is exceptionally effective against ppl who revolve their play around the powerbomb. the short stops a wouldbe powerbomb or knocks him out of range for one.

Q vs. hugo is a rare matchup for me but i suppose u can zone him out with an occasional strong bitch slap