Q vs Yun

so my friend trashed me yesterday like he was fighting two rounds against SUV.

any tips on beating a yun player as inspector gadget?

Just accept it and die

That isn’t really helpful is it? It’s true that the match-up is totally in Yun’s favor, but as a Yun player, I’ve been stomped by a Q a few times when I didn’t know to play against him at all. (He’s like a wall that punches back!) But here goes

When Yun activates his genei-jin, block it all, he hasn’t got a shoryuken, so you can’t stuff a geneijin Daigo style, when you see an opening, KARA throw him. If you can see the overheads coming, you can parry those and kara throw. His kara throw is his best weapon against Yun.

Learn how to parry divekicks, when Yun divekicks, parry it, activate SA2 (Yes SA2 is the best super against Yun, since he eats heavy damage)

And last, learn tick throw setups, use standing or crouching lk, he’ll block it, and setup for cnd’s, juggle him, and get a dash punch xx SA2 in, heavy damage.

And of course, use the taunts whenever you can. :lol:

learn to red parry dive kick combos, block the dive kick and redparry the hit right after.

oh that and sa2 beats gienjin, so if your friend is kinda scrubby you’d probably catch him on that all day.

I would wait for Ultra David but…he plays Chun now so he would just tell you to pick Chun. :lol:

Haha get outta here with that, JB. Man, I really gots ta update the ol’ how-to thread.

Yun isn’t Q’s worst matchup, but he’s still pretty bad, mainly because of dive kicks and genei jin. Dudeface is right about genei jin, just block it. If you end up getting genei jin comboed in the corner, Yun can take off nearly half your life even if you have taunts, so it’s really not worth trying to attack through. This means you’ll probably get command-grabbed, but that really cuts down on the damage the super does, and even without taunts it won’t take off more than like a fifth of your health. One thing to note is that if Yun does his toward+forward overhead too close to you, you can karathrow him for free, but a good Yun will know that and won’t do it that close.

About divekicks, there are a few ways to deal with them. One way is to not let them get going in the first place. The best way to do this is by keeping Yun out at about one of his jump ranges with pokes and antiars like fierce slaps, crouching strong, back + strong, standing forward, back+fierce, strong slaps, jumping fierce/forward, super, and so forth. If he gets close, you can also try escaping his dive kicks by doing fierce dash punch under him immediately upon reaction to him jumping or by using SAI when he jumps close to you, which might hit him once or twice but is more useful as a surefire way to get out of the situation. Another way to deal with dive kicks is to knock Yun out of the air with antiairs and air attacks of your own. Depending on where he uses the dive kick, antiairs like standing forward, crouching strong, back + strong, SAII, and (most importantly) close standing jab are important. Jumping attacks like jump up/back fierce/roundhouse/forward are also pretty useful.

In general, you want to keep away from Yun, but if you get him in the corner, don’t just walk backward, try to keep him there. Yun’s only useful wakeup attack is ex upkicks, and not only is that rarely used (since the Yun player wants to keep his super bar), but even when it is used, it can totally miss you if you use the right meaty attacks. C&db, fierce dash punch, fierce dash punch takes off a third of Yun’s life, but make sure you convince the Yun player to sit still for that by using meaty attacks, especially those that can miss Yun’s ex upkicks like far standing forward, crouching forward, and crouching short. If Yun doesn’t have meter, you can use better meaties like close standing forward xx strong dash punch, back+roundhouse xx jab slaps, universal overhead, and so forth.

About super choice, SAI and SAII are both good picks, but they have different uses. SAI is good for combos and ex meter, obviously, but it’s also good for escaping an overly-aggressive Yun player. SAII is better for dealing with a less aggressive Yun player who gives you fewer chances for retaliation because of SAII’s extra damage-dealing, antiairing, and c&db comboing potential. Pick your super based on your how your human opponent plays. Personally, when I’m in a tournament and I haven’t played an opponent much or at all before, I usually go with SAI, but SAII is a fine choice too.