Q wakeup game?

i’m wondering what different approaches Q should use the most at the wakeup game to do the greatest level of damage for the smallest amount of risk.

right now my wakeup game consists mainly of:

  • s.JP xx RK.CnDB
  • s.FK xx JP.slappy
  • stand at RK.CnDB distance, RK.CnDB
  • stand at RK.CnDB distance, JP.slappy
  • block
  • parry low, throw

am i missing much? those are just the ones that seemed pretty safe for me given the damage payoffs.

Yep, you’ve pretty much got it. If you want to be higher-risk you can just do SA2 (although that’s really scrubby), or EX slappy hands (if they try to jump it’ll hit them in the pre-jump frames; this means they’ll be standing but not able to block it). Also his sweep, which hits low, knocks down, and beats jumps but isn’t totally safe on block.

Oh, and one good (generally) lower-risk one you forgot is UOH. Combos into SA1 or 2 with proper spacing or as a meaty (SA1 in particular gets a HUGE damage boost if they’re crouching), easy to hit-confirm. You can kara it with neutral strong (I can’t get it to work with b+strong for some reason) for extra range, but it adds a little more startup.

Other good ticks into the command grab include low short, and his various jump attacks. You may be able to work these in every now and then.


did you say Q could kara his UOH? that sounds pretty sweet… i didn’t know he cuold do that. definitely good given how much time you get to hit-confirm.

i guess i should add:

  • UOH xx SA
  • from 1 char sprite away: whiff UOH, kara throw

one more!

  • c.JP, walk backwards, kara-throw.

thanks to the really good range on that kara-throw.

Close standing forward kick to slappy is sometimes more dangerous than it’s worth. The slaps have pretty crappy recovery, so if your opponent has some quick super that moves him forward, you can get basted. I used to do that a lot, since close standing forward by itself is a good meaty attack, but one of the players I used to play against figured out that if he used Ken’s SAIII right after block stun, he could nail me with it. So, I stopped doing that.

Another good tick into capture and deadly blow is crouching short kick. If you do that, you won’t have to worry about the opponent crouching on wakeup or being too short to get hit by Q’s standing jab punch.