Q: What are the dimensions on the SSFV Madcatz TE art?

My stick has not yet arrived in the mail and I want to print the art out preemptively; however, I have no idea what the dimension for the art should be. Maybe my google skills and my SRK forum search skills need some work ^.^

Here is the art:

and thank you!


You don’t even have to search, it’s on the first page of this section…

I am not looking for a template…I am looking for the actual physical dimensions, in inches or in centimeters, if you click on my picture you would know that I clearly already have a template. When I print it out however, the dimensions are screwy.

The template art’s given (the one you have) shows actual dimensions in photoshop. You can look at it yourself. The reason why it’s huge is because of its dpi.

Just to prove a point, the template and my measurements with a ruler are the same. 35.1 +/- .05 mm x 22.4 +/- .05 mm.

14 inches by 8.9 inches(about). next time, though, just wait for it to arrive. getting exact measurements and saving money on prints feels a lot better than wasting money on an inaccurate measurement.

Take the template, measure the size (see in Photoshop or try printing and measuring). If you don’t have Photoshop or other program to look up the dimensions, just let me know and I’ll try checking it.