Q: What did Balrog (Boxer) say when he was being defeated in Street Fighter 4?



Just trying to figured out what Balrog was saying before he gets defeated. Thanks for your input.


A: My fight monnnnnneyyyyyyyyy!!!
This is referring to the fact that armature/professional boxers fight for money. Seeing as in his past he was actually a legitimate fighter in the ring, it makes sense.


Ha, I thought you were going to tell a joke. I always hear, “My fight buddy!” even though it’s really money he’s saying.

On a somewhat related note, I just watched The Fellowship of the Ring at home this weekend and my girlfriend said “My fight money!” in her impression of Rog when Gandalf made the demon Balrog fall into the pit at the bridge of Khaza-dûm. She’s kinda awesome.




English: My fight moneeeeey

Japanese: Doshtenaaaaaaaa!!


Dude wife that girl because that imagery made me literally LOL at work.