[Q] Where to buy plastic stick box?


Where can I find a cheap plastic box so I can insert joystick parts? I think it should be around less than 20$ with shipping since its just an empty plastic box. Finding arcade sticks and button isn’t a problem, but finding the box is.


I have a Saturn Virtua Stick case you might be interested in.

Pics: http://drop.io/onbfva3#

The top metal face panel is scratched but that won’t matter because I’m assuming your going to put custom art over it anyways.

I’ll let it go for $30.00 (shipped)

Oh, and you should have posted this in Trading Outlet.


Take a mayflash stick and mod it. Cheap and does the job


There’s always large project boxes from Radio Shack.


Easier said than done.

From my understanding the Mayflash is one heck of a complicated mod job. But if you have the tools/know how it’s possible.





Hmm, $26.21 + shipping that looks pretty decent actually. Not sure what sort of tool would be used to make the holes though.



Play-Asia has this stick for 30 dollars, from the reviews it seems like it’s easy to replace the buttons and joystick with Sanwa/Seimitsu stuff.


I am actually making a custom stick from this as we speak. The metal aluminum panel is 1.5 mm thick. You can cut holes into it with any bimetal hole saw. You can fit a sanwa or semitsu in there no problem. The only problem you might encounter are these:

  1. the slant is pretty steep and if you have big hands you might get Carpel tunnel.

  2. You have to mount the pcb onto the metal panel because the way the box acutally opens up.( the bottm of the case is actually the bottom half of the case not just a panel).

  3. To get you cable out you will have to detach the cable and drill a hole or come up with something more creative. Since my stick will be dual pcb i am just going to stick a db9 on the back metal panel.

I might take pictures later when i get home and post them.


I know it seems random, but I made a prototype out of a handgun case.


It works pretty well actually, and I am making another one with Sanwa parts next. The nice thing is that it has a handle and is easy to open up to swap things out.

Gun case can be found here:

And more of my stick photos:


Cool. Post pics, I’m sure people (incuding myself) would like to see.


I’m with jeenyus1. I would really like to see what you come up with
buyproduct. I have been eyeing this case for a bit. I think I would
like the steep angle, I just wish it were a tad bigger.



That’s pretty damn sweet. I’ve been wanting to make a carry case for a while now, and that’s a great option I haven’t though of.


Kudos for creativity! :woot:

I always thought it would be awesome to make an arcade stick out of a lectern podium.


Thats pretty awesome. How does it sit on your lap?


dude thats friggen awsome :looney::wgrin:


That absolutely rules. I need to see about doing something with that design…


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