Q: Will jill and shuma be in umvc3? A: Only as DLC

So i had MVC3 for my PS3,(bought Jill and shuma) but my ps3 broke. So i bought a x360 going to wait to get UMVC3,

Looking at this video go to 7:55 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SwdYW5haoBo#!And i might be blind but i dont see jill or Shuma, Now does that mean i’am going to have to Pay for them? I know when i bought SF AE on the 360 all the D/L/C where available from SF.

They’ll be in if you already paid for them.

They’re in, but they remain DLC. You’ll have to buy them again for the 360.

Uh, SF4 and Super had no DLC characters, and the costumes only carried over if you had already paid for them. Same thing here - Jill and Shuma remain DLC, if you already have the, you’ll still have them, if you don’t, you’ll need to buy them.

o my bad, thought SF had DLC characters,

I’m pretty sure if a 360 owner bought them for vanilla they’ll carry over for Ultimate.

so if someone buys UMVC3 without having mvc3 jill and shuma won’t be apart of it ?

Its all about buying DLC characters for a game you don’t own or isn’t out yet.

Think of the DLC characters a lot like the costumes from SF4. If you bought them already, you won’t need to buy them again.
If you haven’t and would like to, buy them. They’re not included.

That should be simple enough.

So they DLC for MvC3 won’t be apart of UMVC3 unless you buy them ?

If you got them in MvC3, you can download them for free in UMvC3.

If not, then get ready to pay those ten bucks for them in Ultimate.

oh wow.

Yes… /thread

EDIT: Lol I just had a thought. Is the balancing in UMVC3 applied to them also? Since we have to download them and shit.

Why would they give away DLC for their ultimate edition? Think like a business and not like a fan.

Yes, they are being rebalanced, but it sucks that no one can get a hand on them on fight clubs and stuff

as a way to show appreciation for the poor suckers who thought they were buying a full game when they bought the first mvc3?
nm we are talkin about capcom…maybe owners of the original will get a bonus costume color! or more event/shadow mode!

That would normally make sense, but considering they way Capcom’s approached the DLC costumes for SSFIV makes it seem pretty likely we wont have to buy them twice. Yes they should be balanced (they better be, I want a Shuma Gorath in UMvC3 that doesn’t suck ass) but it’s not like they’re different characters, so there’s no real reasoning for it…

Lol @ the guy askin the same question twice.

You in disbelief bro?

u gotta buy them still they dont come with umvc3

If they include Shuma and Jill for free in UMVC3, people who paid for them in MVC3 will feel ripped off.
I paid for Shuma but not Jill, so I’m on the fence here.