I was wondering if anyone would be able to do an animation of Q in his pink trenchcoat for me. The only funny thing I could come up with was a scene with a milk carton showing a missing sign for Dan and next to it would be the text “Ever wonder where Dan went after SFA?”. Then in the next scene Q (in his pink trenchcoat) would rip off his mask and show Dan’s face(If you want to use one of his creepy looking smiles I found one at http://section5618.topcities.com/src/spritedan.html ). Also I think there is a scene of Q holding onto his face if he’s using his Total Destruction move just in case someone forgets. As for the background just keep it black.

If this seems to be a bit of a stretch for some of you I’d totally agree. Of course I’d give a bunch of credit to anyone who would be able to do this.