“eSports” is an incredibly stupid term.

how do you try out?

looks good to me, how do you make money from this?

what about your boy, Morphaze. He is all you need…

ar eu doing tekken or just sf4 still

If you guys play BlazBlue then it’s on.



Oh shit drama

LOL definitely elite

meh hes posted this same crap on xbox.com a while back he finally left once all the tomatoes n potatoes we threw at him finally hit his head…

hahaha, top tier stuff right there, how can you beat someone that cant even acknowledge they lost?


edit: o man, just noticed the myspace links and stuff. shit is golden.


Man these guys sure are professional.

Gokuren never fails to amuse.

wtb fight club with atleast 2 rules

Hey Lord Jerith, interested in picking me up again? You have my number.

Man, what an elite cyber athlete.


So elite, so awesome :amazed: