Q2 modding question (Joystick/buttons)

Hey guys, I’m relatively new here but I’ve been lurking for years at this point. Finally got to a point in life where I could settle with a fight stick and actually get good at the fighting games that I love and perhaps even build sticks from scrap eventually. Anywho,
I just bought the Qanba Q2 Glow in stealth black (my first stick) and I was wondering if it were possible to swap out the 30mm OEM buttons to perhaps some obsc-30 sanwas whilst retaining the LED functionality.
I recall seeing a video of someone replacing the OEM switch for a sanwa but he never said whether the LED’s still worked nor if it were possible to have the LED’s housed in the sanwa shell with the sanwa button and silencer instead of the OEM shell.
I pretty much have the same question for the joystick as well. I’m considering the option of changing the tension spring and also throwing in a thick KOWAL actuator on it also. I really love the led’s and almost all black color scheme, it’d be a shame if I had to lose the lights for the buttons.
Sorry for the rambling, I hope you guys understand me lol. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, mods please let me know! Thanks in advance, stay rad fgc!

if you are mechanically incline you could transplant the LED board from the Qanba buttons to the Sanwa buttons.
You have to make a cut to allow for the connectors.

Here was a demonstration I was doing for another stick that comes with Qanba parts, PDP’s Injustice stick. The idea is the same.
You would want to use clear buttons, I just using a white button to show how it would be done.

The Joystick is a rough clone of a Sanwa JLF so I don’t see how it would not work. Although their are concerns that the Koval actuator may snag o the Qanba gate.

This right here, if you invest in a Dremel now it will make this easier you will NOT regret it :smiley:

*Message brought to you by the Church of Dremel

That makes total sense, thanks for the pictures! I’d be lost otherwise haha. I’ll give that a go when my sanwa set arrives. Do you think it would be possible to swap the joystick for an actual sanwa JLF? And if so, do you know exactly what parts I’d need for that swap? The precise and tight clicking of my friend’s modded JLF with the fat actuator is like sex to my ears compared to the looseness of the OEM stick that comes with the q2. Thanks again for the info!

The Sanwa JLF, period.

Disconnect the wiring harness for the joystick
Unscrew the ball top
Unscrew the screws that hold the hold joystick in place
Insert your joystick of choice, your case a Sanwa JLF
fasten everything in place

Any JLF modifications are extra

Dude thanks so much for the info!

Anyone know if it’s possible to use silencers along with the LED board transplant? Placing my order within the next few days.