Q4 Mod~


Hey everyone i just received a Q4RAF Ice Blue, and im looking to get clear buttons and install artwork underneath. I haven’t had the time to mess around with clear buttons so im not exactly sure which ones to get to add a nice pop effect to the art.

Also focusattack is out of stock on the translucent clear OBSC so im wondering what other website has them in stock. Because with the art im using i think the blue tint will take away from the over all effect if i use the blue colored translucent buttons.

Does anyone have any ideas to contribute to my mod on how to achieve a perfect result and clean stick

This is the fightstick

And this is the artwork


Maybe consider a white clear plunger with a blue clear rim? That way the artwork under the buttons will match that of the rest of the body (even if you install a clear plexi)


Ahh! thats a really good idea! just i cant find a place that has clear plungers in stock or clear buttons for that matter ><



Though I suppose if you’re trying to put art underneath the button, Paradise Arcade has the OBSC’s in stock:


Ahh ok so i just buy the buttons in the 2nd link and i can get art underneath those ones? i keep getting confused because the other clear buttons have like the solid plunger and the clear rims, and then there’s the translucent buttons that have the clear plungers and rims i have no idea lol!!





These would do the trick as well right?~


You can go wrong with complete set of clear buttons. Because they have no color, you can see the artwork clearer than the colored rims like the comparison from my friend’s SSFIV VLX and my Yoko VLX(not the best example since the picture is small and the angle doesn’t give a completely clear view):


My friend went with red rims and clear plungers, my custom stick in my signature uses full clears. If you’re planning to swap the plungers, you might need to buy 2 sets of colors, I think Akibaharashop used to sell buttons with your choice of plunger/skeleton color but not sure if any shops do that anymore…


Syn i love your works a lot :smiley: thanks so much for the reply! ill be sure to post my stick up after!! ^ ^


Those are some sexy sticks


I would reccomend going to arcadeshock because there is free shipping if you order 6 or more sanwa buttons. Clears are definately the way to go if you want to be fancy with your art. Just get a matching clear balltop too. :slight_smile:


Yeah i noticed that i ordered my buttons from there and i had no idea they were so close to me :smiley: thanks for the help al