Qabalistic Numerology


Have you ever known something that you’ve wanted to tell people, but knew they’d never believe you? I reckon not many find themselves in this situation. Nobody likes to be ridiculed for trying to help others. Well I don’t want to preach but I would like to throw something out there.

It isn’t my intention to come off as bigotted and aderall-fuelled in this thread. This one is for real and it’s from a place of love. I just want you all to think about something. I want you to remember something. If you can take it upon yourself, just this once, to take something I post seriously, you will have an interesting new perspective. Your ideology may not change, but I want you to take notice of something that affects us all. A new age is truly upon us.

The number posted above is very symbolic. I don’t expect you to believe it. I just want you to remember this number. This thread will be date marked. You may reference it at any time. In fact, I would encourage you to bookmark this thread. If you jot this number down and remember this number, you will have an experience you’ll never forget, and it will always be yours to look back upon. I won’t tell you why you should remember it. If you want to have a really big ‘wtf’ moment, all you need to do is remember this number. It won’t hurt you to try. So let me make it easy.

1123 1123 1123 1123 1123 1123 1123 1123 1123 1123 1123 1123

This isn’t about me. It isn’t about ego. My role in the universe is infinitesimal. I am virtually nonexistent. I really am nothing. I am quite happy to know it. I am not afraid to say it. Words are mundane as it is, at least on this plane, but not on all planes. Remember the number. Numerology is the only true language. Good night.


Sometimes I stop at 2…


DIET TIME!! ( a direct skip to the 12-12-123-4)

That image at the timestamp. :rofl:

but 1123 does work. Dudley crLK x2 cr MP cr HP



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Neegroooooooooooooooooooo. When they start the killing, there ain’t gonna be any threads left.


Yeah, I vividly remember my reaction to playing Art of Fighting 2 for the first time


You gotta remember, Yuri was not only kidnapped by the baddest nigga in the world, but she was also trained by him. And shares his genes to boot.


Everyone who reads this tell everyone where the bad thread touched you.


i came here expecting to be enlightened. I find my time has been wasted. Youre gonna have to be spell this out phonetically for me.


Okay. I will spell it for you. W. O. R. L. D. W. A. R. T. H. R. E. E. W. I. L. L. B. E. S. T. A. R. T. E. D. B. Y. F. U. C. K. I. N. G. N. O. V. E. M. B. E. R. T. W. E. N. T. Y. -. T. H. I. R. D.
And you are a fuckwit. Hit me up if you need any more spelling done. I got you.

Oh, you gonna be touched. Right where it hurts. Not where it feels 'gut.'
G. U. T. I. S. G. E. R. M. A. N. F. O. R. G. O. O. D.
Grab your Columbia Sportswear and zip up. It’s going to be a cold, long night.


The best thing about this thread is your av.

I’m leaving now this thread better not be checking me out


No, no, no, no, no, no, no and no.


My avi dun been tha shit since day one. Your sudden awareness does not impress.


Neither does your thread



Can I PLEASE get drunk in PEACE?
Haters gonna hate.


W.A.T.C.H.O.U.T. F.O.R. T.H.E. L.A.K.E.R.S. I.N. N.O.V.E.M.E.B.E.R.

G.I.T.A.R.O.O. M.A.N. I.S. A. G.O.O.D. G.A.M.E.

Hmm, is it a morse code type or is every letter a word like an acronym?! :eek:

If I did it wrong, I apologize. I just do not have the experience to even know how to do it right or see where I went wrong.


No, no. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I think you’re on to something. The force is with you.


H.O.W. T.H.E. F.U.C.K. W.A.S. I S.U.P.P.O.S.E.D. T.O. I.N.F.E.R. T.H.A.T.?


did you get that message?
let me spell it out for you. it’s the amounts of fucks I give over your bullshit thread.

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So is OP also a Pansexual?


I’ll bite on this one: how do you know that WW3 will start on that day?


I hope WW3 will start that soon, but it probably wont. :[