Qanba 2 360 stick get - quick analysis

Ok so I took a punt and bought myself a Qanba2 360 version on ebay. All in all it was $175AUD delivered to come to Australia.

I’m at work so I haven’t actually played with it yet, but here’s it is!

It’s a solid feeling stick, weighing it at around 4-5kg. The buttons/stick are all sanwa apart from the start/xbox/back buttons. My intention was to dual mod this stick with a Cthlutu board.

The buttons/stick are wired to a padhacked 360 controller. The 360 controller is mounted to chipboard with two screws with plastic spacers. I doubt it’s common ground with all the wiring to individual buttons.
The pad comes up as a TSZ360 in Windows. A photo of this 3rd party pad can be found here:

The stick is also soldered directly to the wiring.

The baseplate of the stick is mounted slightly angled towards the player. I’m not sure if this is intentional or if it’s just shoddy. Any thoughts?

The build quality is OK. The enamel black on the sides is pretty cool. The Perspex on the top of the case was faintly scratched pretty much everywhere on it. It doesn’t bother me so much as it’ll get a lot more scratches from gameplay.

The angle on that joystick is enough to turn me away from these altogether.

lol, wasup with the joystick angle? I’d fix that if possible.

The stick is mounted on two metal plates, to space it out from the top panel so it doesn’t need to be screwed directly to the top panel.

I could bend the metal and re-drill some of the holes to flatten the angle of the stick.

I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not though. It’s angled towards the player, similar angle as an arcade cab. I guess I’d have to have a second Qanba to compare.

can we get a shot of the other side of that PCB?

Also, they solder to the joystick but they use QDs for the buttons? WTF

regardless of angle that shaft height is absurdly short

That stick looks like it’s seriously mounted wrong… I wonder if you got a messed up one? I’ve heard from people who’ve seen them hands on that didn’t have that problem.

Will have mine soon (PS3 version), can’t wait.

i’ve used some qanba sticks recently…they’re pretty good. the one i played on didn’t have that weird angled stick…yours may have a problem…

Shipping damage?

That’s not normal or acceptable, imo.

The stick should be 90 to the surface of the stick. In an arcade spec shaft length should be 24mm or 15/16in from surface to ball bottom.

"The Perspex on the top of the case was faintly scratched pretty much everywhere on it. It doesn’t bother me so much as it’ll get a lot more scratches from gameplay. "

The acrylic board has a layer of plastic film ,the plastic film has scratched,but the acrylic is intact. You can tear up the plastic film.

on the website
the shaft is longer and the stick is in a normal upright position and not slanted.

Can you address the issue with the joystick, please?

It just looks like the joystick is resting on his knee while he takes the picture or something.

Since Mr. llx8000 are here, please address why the stick is angle? Why not use 5-Pin wiring harness to the joystick?

slagcoin says that it should be 24mm from the control panel to the bottom of the ball, not 15/16 (I’m assuming you meant mm not inches, as that’d be one big ass stick). Are you sure you’re correct? Here’s the quote from slag:

Close to $200 is WAY too much for these things ,especially with TE’s floating around $90-100 new and HRAP SE/SA’s guaranteed $90 new
edit : 175 aud is only like $150 usd nevermind

But still
too overpriced

OP stated that he does not think the PCB is common ground.

In which case, using 5-pin wiring harness is impossible.

rtdzign does mean inches.
15/16 of 1 inch he is saying.

15/16" is 0.9375 inch.
That is 23.81mm, so rtdzign is correct.