Qanba 2 Stick Review on PS3 Wired/PS3 Wireless/Xbox 360 Wired

When the Qanba 2 sticks were first featured on this forum, I was interested on the cosmetic design of the controllers. I recently met up with a representative of Qanba, which had set up an office in New York City. After being acquainted with the person, I’ve requested a few sticks to test it out on the 360 and PS3.

All these controllers that I’ve tested are incorporated with 8 Sanwa 30mm OBSF or Snap in buttons and uses a Sanwa JLF joystick for arcade parts. The material of this case incorporates wood for the casing, as well as metal on the top and bottom panels of the controller with brass threads for securing the screws. There is a clear acrylic panel on top of the controller and the art is easily modifiable. To change the art, there are screws placed on the acrylic top panel which can unscrewed to replace the picture. The controller’s weight is nice and heavy, which can be used on laps and on the floor surface.While I was playing on this controller, the placement on this stick is extremely comfortable to play with since that the case is curved to contour my wrists. The size of the controller is about the same dimension as the TE stick and there is plenty of space in the case for dual modding projects. There are insulated quick disconnects attached to the buttons just in case if you want to replace or interchange buttons.

At the moment, Qanba 2 has these sticks available for purchase:

Qanba 2 360 Stick $129.99

The Qanba 360 stick comes in a glossy black finish, and the 360 PCB is nicely soldered with a ribbon attachment. This stick uses 8 dark hai OBSF Sanwa buttons and has the Start, Back, and Guide buttons placed on top of the joystick. After observing the inside of the Xbox 360 PCB, it does not appear to be common ground for dual modding purposes.

Qanba 2 PS3 Wired Stick $129.99

The Qanba PS3 stick features a Tekken 6 art with a turbo Function used for macros inputs and the case comes in a matte black finish. It uses 8 black OBSF Sanwa buttons and also has the Start, Select, and Home button placed on the top. This controller features a really small PS3 PCB, which is common ground and offers dual modding capabilities for any stick builders. This stick is recommended for anyone that wants the dual mod functionality for 360/PS3.

Qanba 2 PS3 Wireless Stick $159.99

The Qanba Wireless PS3 controller comes with a USB cable, as well as a dongle for the system to sync up with the controller.
It incorporates the Vewlix button layout as well as the design that you would expect in the arcade cabinets. The stick comes with a JLF joystick with a black shaft cover, and has 8 white OBSF buttons on it. On the back of the controller, there is a switch that can allow you to turn the controller on/off as well a USB socket to charge the controller while syncing it up to the PS3 system. Start, Select, and Home buttons are placed on the right side of the controller, while there is a Mode, Turbo, and a Blank button on the left side of the controller. The extra button on the left is null and has the potential to be used for dual modding.

After playing with the controllers and taking a look inside of the Qanba sticks, I would highly recommend this to any avid stick collector, or player since this stick is sturdy and it is easily modifiable . These controllers are available for sale soon.

PlayStation 3 PCB is really cool.
Super easy to build an Arcade Stick with.

Does your Qanba 2 stick also mounted slightly angled like this?

picture taken by jbhewitt

does the sticker top left of the ps3 wireless come off?

That Jlf looks as if as was sunk in. All the sticks I received seems to be fine. I would recommend contacting the company to see if they have any solutions or replacement for the controller.

Yes, it’s just a thin vinyl sticker.

I have been asking this in numerous Qanba threads here, but I don’t get a definite answer.

Does the PS3 wireless Q3 actually work as a wired controller? I mean plugging the stick with the USB port without using the dongle. If so, that means data passes through the USB port. If not, then the USB wire is only passing through charging power.

The dongle is required for the wireless aspect of the controller. If you connect the usb from the controller to the PS3 you can also use it on the system. Either way, there is a switch which you can flip.

Alright, so I’ll make it clear: You can use the stick wired without the dongle? Yes or no?

I thought the last post answered your question. :smiley:

I realized I worded it ambiguously so heh.

No listed price on the wireless stick?

Not yet. I’ll ask the guy tomorrow. :smiley:

Wireless stick is currently priced at $159.99. We will sell it at Game PAD. You can come check out that stick and the wired ones (priced at $129.99) anytime you like. As stated in the Battlefield XII thread. We will be offering a wired stick for winner of the Street Fighter 4 Tournament that day.

if they made a wired version of that vewlix layout for the xb360 i’d buy it in a heart beat.

I’ll ask the representative to see if that is possible for the 360.
Most likely it can be done.

yea a wired 360 stick that is the same as the ps3 wireless one would be sweet thats by far the best looking 1 and the buttons on the side is better then the front

Quick question I am going to dip my foot into modding and wanted to dual mod a wireless stick for both ps3 and 360. Reading your post I see that the wired ps3 stick is common ground is it safe to assume that the wireless ps3 stick is also common ground or does it not matter for wireless purposes?

For the Wireless dual mod, I’d recommend the Project Leo done by gummowned.
He made a pcb that can work with both the Sixaxis and Microsoft 360 Wireless controller

awesome, thanks!

I don’t know where to get these sticks for the 360, where online can I buy them? Link pls

I can get ahold of them if you like. Just send me a PM.