Qanba 3-1 squeaky clear sanwa buttons

I just got the limited edition red qanba 3-1, which comes with the clear sanwa buttons…However, on 2 or 3 of the buttons, they on a frequent basis (depending on how you press) make a squeak along with some resistance, which im guessing is being caused by the friction from rubbing against the wall of the switch? Im no expert but thats just a theory. Id just like to know if this will go away soon or what should i do to solve the problem.

never herd of this issue before if its bothering you could just take the button out and check to see if somethings off
is there any extra resistance or is it just making a sound

next time please ask questions like these in the noob section thanks

Yes there is a small amount of resistance enough for me to feel it in the middle of play, which disrupts my flow. althou the buttons works perfectly fine functionality wise.

it should break-in just pressed and lightly massage the plunger around

I just got the limited edition red q4 and while I love the stick it has the same squeaky sanwa transparent buttons. Did they ever stop making noise for you? It really is kind of distracting. If it keeps up I’ll just order the normal red sanwa buttons and swap these out. The transparent ones do look nice though.

I have the same problem dude!

WD-40 for the win.

The WD-40 fixed it? I read somewhere it’s not good for buttons so I didn’t try it. I wound up just buying regular sanwa buttons and they work perfect.

We tset Sanwa clear buttons,found clear button sound,it difference black button and white button,some clear buttons sound high,

We have told Sanwa .

Not a good idea… unless the oil/lubricant is synthetic based.

Natural-based oils can eat away plastic over time.

Be better to check the parts and see if swapping between buttons helps, or find a synthetic product to reduce friction,…

…but never, ever use natural petrol-based product to reduce friction on joystick parts.

I have no idea why it would be a bad idea… Firstly WD-40 is safe to use on plastic, it’s one of the many materials it was made to be used on and even mentioned alongside wood, plastic & metal being materials it’s safe to be used on.

"Polycarbonate and clear polystyrene plastic are among the few surfaces on which to avoid using a petroleum-based product like WD-40."
Not knowing exactly what kind of clear plastic Sanwa uses, I’d play it safe. (For the record I’d guess PMMA though.)

I’d guess it is PMMA too… Maybe the caps are Polycarbonate.

all I did was take the plunger and switch put them back together and now they feel great.

I did the same thing but the noise came back after a few days when I decided to clean them with the cloth that came with the stick.

How bad is the squeaking? I preordered an Ice Red Q4 from FocusAttack so I’d like to know if it’s a very distracting sound?

It’s not that distracting really you don’t notice it unless you’re looking for it.

the ones I bought were not functional when I got them, they felt terrible. I took out the switch and plunger and drilled a small whole for a led bulb and then they felt great. Not sure what changed , but not complaining lol