Qanba 3in1 Buttons dont work

Ok so I changed the artwork on the Qanba 3in1

So I set back the wires. Could the wires be wrong??? Is there any specific colours that goes with each other??? The buttons worked before I change the artwork and after I changed the artwork buttons does not work anymore!

I must be doing something wrong with wires but I dont know what im doing wrong. Tutorial videos anyone??? Help me out??? This is the first time I ever changed artwork and messed with the wires to the buttons.

Yellow colors go to yellow and black wires go to black or what??? Im confused. Anyone still has their Qanba intact and take picture for me so I can see what wires go to where.

Thanks everyone.

tech talk, go

Nevermind this thread guys. I got all the buttons to work again.

Thanks :slight_smile: