Qanba 4 stick not working on SFV


Just says cannot use wireless controller with PS3 system…why it says PS3 I don’t know. Anyone know why? I’ve heard people say theres works fine.


There apears to be different versions of the q4 in terms of pcb used as indicated by the lagtest thread on the tech section on the forum. Theres also a thread there about legacy stick compatibility in tech talk, where people are reorting mixed results for the q4




I have a newer Qanba Q4 and it works fine with SFV on PC - just use it in 360 mode. Don’t think the PS3 mode works for now. Haven’t tried the PS3 mode with SFV on PC, but from what little I’ve heard it has some problems.


PC or ps4?


My Q4 works fine after I set up the legacy authentication in the ‘other’ options menu. I’ve got it set to ps3/pc, and I’m playing on a ps4. My dualshock controller stays connected the entire time though.


Switch it to 360 mode for PC


Anything that says “cannot use wireless controller” is trying to emulate a DS3, which the PS4 detects and blocks, regardless of the driver.