Qanba arcade stick bag

I was looking at getting one for my foe hammer case and was wondering if it would fit. My case is 16.5w x 8.5l x 2.5h any help would be great thanks

No. Cheap Qanba case will not work with your large Foehammer stick. Capcom and Mad Catz bags will be too tight of a fit as well.
The Foe Hammer case is too wide.

Consider a large messenger bag

Anyone have this bag? If so then how’s the quality of it?

well ill let you know it’s coming in in a few hours. if it dosn’t fit ill just use it for my tek case

Just got it in seems pretty great overall so far the material is kinda thin but not anymore thin than my backpack was. it has lots of storage. I can fit my Tek case,an Ipad,few games and some extra parts.seem like it holds the stick in place just fine but i’m using a light case,it might be different with heavy wood case. As far a durability goes ill just have to see but it looks like it will hold up fine.Measured it and it should fit the Foehammer case,but its not coming in til next week so i wont know for sure. here’s a couple of pics i took real quick,IOlLcBt#0

I have one for my Q4 and I love it. Nice and solid (not bulletproof but what you gonna do?) and holds my stick snugly. It has the loops in the zippers for locks when travelling and a number of side pockets.

My only gripes are the method of adjusting the straps and the glued together inserts. I would have liked them to be separate so that I can put one under the stick personally. The strap length is adjusted by rolling up the exess length and tying it down with velcro straps.