Qanba Drone PCB swap

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone here has experience changing the drone’s stock PCB with a brook ( PCB. The stock PCB in the drone keeps disconnecting/freezing when playing games on my PC but I really like the shape/weight of the drone.

What would all would I need to make the swap, assuming there’s enough space in the drone? I’m curious on how to make the rubber membrane buttons on the top of the stick connect to the brook PCB.

Here’s a picture of the drone opened up, if that helps at all:

Thank you

I don’t have a guide per say but I done enough odd PCB swaps to at least give you an idea, where to go. Read everything before cutting anything, and please ask if anything is unclear.

You want some wire cutters and stripers to cut the wires from the old PCB, your Brook PCB has screw terminals to attached wiring onto.

As for placement of the PCB, you get some PCB Feet to attached to the PCB and the feet attach to a empty area of the stick. Some PCB feet are self adhesive, and what I recommend for new modders.

Before you begin take note what each wire goes to, write them down on a sheet of paper or tage each wire. The Brooks PCB should be labeled what wire goes where

Only other thing you have to worry about is grounds, if you are comfortable with it you can cut wire and crimp to make your own daisy chain, or splice the existing wiring to take advantage that the Brook PCB only has a few ground (GND) points.

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Hi Darksakul,

Thanks for your reply. If I buy this: will that take care of the grounding worries? (assuming I hook it up correctly). It looks like to me buying this + the adhesive feet (thanks for recommendation) will more or less finish the whole mod (assuming everything fits). One question I have is about the membrane buttons on the face of the drone though. How exactly would I get those hooked up to the brooks PCB? It looks like they just press down directly onto the existing pcb? (not entirely sure, I haven’t actually unscrewed the current pcb in fear that all those buttons might come along with it)

Thanks again for your response

Yep, that harness should work.

I am not particularly familiar with that exact stick but I feel the PCB has the contacts for the start select and home buttons.

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Yes it seems like the contacts are on the drone PCB:

Could you tell me how I would get these working with the Brook board? Or is that not possible?

The one way is not easy, you have to solder to traces on that board, you do not want to solder to the button contacts as that is where the rubber dome contacts would go.

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