Qanba N1-Q


Anyone here seen this stick before? As far as I can tell, its been an international release only and I want to know if it’s any good. And also, since it’s a PS3 stick, I’d like to know if its simple to dual mod it to work on xbox 360? I’ve heard that’s possible, but a lot of trouble. I already have a PCB from a 360 fightpad if that’s needed. My main concern is the quality of the stick though.


plastic suction cups should be the first warring sign to stay away.


Hmm when I look at it again, it looks like it isnt meant to sit on a lap I suppose. I didnt really mind the suction cups as I thought they were just supposed to be another method of table placement like the Qanba Q1 has


In my experiences, sticks that rely on suction cups have very light frames/cases.
too lite of a case means cheap/shotty workmanship

Even if you replace every other part in the stick, the stick case it self is crap and could break easily especially since this one transparent.
Transparent plastics are much more brittle, for $89.95 that stick is a rip off. You can get a brand new Mad Catz Pro for $90.


Ak ok, I see your point. Yeah the madcatz might be a better option

Edit: Looks like the Qanba N1 has like no support or information anywhere. The Qanba site just says it exists without really putting much information about it. It actually might be a downgraded version of the Q1, although it does look nicer.

I ended up buying the Madcatz Pro, since I noticed it had full Sanwa parts and will probably be a lot easier to replace artwork, parts, etc. Since it already has sanwa parts, I can just sell my old stick that I replaced with some sanwa buttons for spare parts (or whole) once I’m done modding this new stick. In the end, that will lower the net cost of the new stick anyway. Thanks for the help @Darksakul !


Any vac-formed polymer case with suction cups is a big no, especially for this price. This kind of case is all over aliexpress and similar wholesale sites.

Your main priority when buying a stick should be quality of case (including fittings for quality parts). Other bits you can replace easily. I would rather pay for a decent case with crappy parts than a shoebox with sanwa parts (though actual shoebox sticks are awesome).