Qanba obesdien ps360+ dual mod

I havent read anything about making a ps4/ps3 stick work with 360. I was able to obtain a akishop ps360+ board. My question to you guys is, can i leave the ps4/ps3 functionality in the stick with the board it comes with and use the pc switch to work the ps360+? Also is it possible to use one usb cord for that type of setup. Any help is greatly appreciated

Assuming the Obsidian has a common ground pcb (all of the other Qanba sticks I’m aware of have been, for the record), you would need to dual mod with the ps360. Here’s the homework: Dual modding 101

Get a multi meter

If you’re not comfortable doing the work yourself you can commission any modder here or give the instructions to any EE college student. And of course goes without saying you’ll void your 90day/365day Qanba warranty performing the dual mod :slight_smile: