Qanba q1 customization


Hi Guys,

I’m new in the forum, I recently bought a QANBA Q1 but it came DOA the box was smashed and the product was in a defective state I don’t know where I can find the two PCB’s original or similar to connect all the buttons.

I didn’t ask to replace the product since I’m not in the US and send the Stick will be more expensive than buy another one or get new replacement parts I decide to try to find the PCB that is not working I don’t know if you guys maybe can give me an idea or a hand to do this. I been trying to find the parts on ebay or amazon I didn’t have any luck with them I found another type of USB encoders but I want to map all the buttons including the small ones but that are with the small one with the rubber contacts.



Oh cool, my first arcade stick!

If memory serves correctly, the top PCB (the one in the upper right side of your picture) is just lights and buttons for select and things that pertain to turbo mode. It is a PCB, but it isn’t a micro controller. You can play games without it. Furthermore, you should be able to take the wire ribbon and splice it into a working PCB. It all depends on how handy you are.

If the problem is that the stick won’t work on your PS3/computer then you may need the smaller PCB in the lower right corner. does your computer/console “see” the arcade stick?


No it doesn’t I tried to see if maybe this was on error on my side and Installed the driver first and then connected the stick and nothing comes up I have windows 7 and in a Steam Forum they said that is detected in the device and printer section but no I’m not seeing the device there.


Where do you live, where RMAing the stick will cost more than buying another one? That really doesn’t make sense, unless you live in the most pitiful area on the planet. Where in God’s name does it cost $100 (USD) to mail a joystick?

The top panel ‘looks’ undamaged. If you can get some properly crimped wires (if you don’t want to solder), with the right size to attach to the pins, your only option is to buy a Brook Universal Fighting board with pre-soldered connectors (the Qanba q1 USB cable will attach to the 4 pin USB pinout on the UFB), and a 20 pin wiring harness from paradise arcade. That assumes that the Q1s joystick connector uses the exact same pinout as a Sanwa JLF, as the Q1 does not have Sanwa parts (the Q2 Pro, and Q4 do, but I think the Q2 “Glow” LED versions use clone parts (which still feel better than the Q1 cheap clone parts do)). Then you can attach the front panel buttons with the crimped wire connectors to the UFB, if for example, the Select and Start buttons are up there).

But from what it sounds like, buying a brook UFB from wherever your location is, would be just as expensive as buying a whole new joystick also :frowning:

I don’t know, man. All I can say is, good luck.
Note: Qanba sells the PCB’s separately on their own webshop but they’re expensive. Eightarc also has parts for eightarc branded components, and they use the exact same hardware as Qanba (it’s identical) so you can email eightarc also.


He shouldn’t really need a 60-80$ PCB to play on windows 7.

I’ll recommend a cheap PCB like the zero-delay encoder, but only if you’re 100% positive it’s not software related.


Here’s the issue here.
If the item was DAMAGED during shipping, he should be able to file a claim with the shipping company, and have THEM pay for the shipping back. I had this happen with a busted arcadeinabox full size cabinet that was busted by UPS, and UPS had to not only pay for shipment back, they also had to pay for damage to the unit (thus the full $325) since it was insured.

At worst, the shipping company should PAY for the shipping of the busted joystick back to the RMA center, and then the RMA processed so he gets a new Q1 sent back out.

I honestly have no idea what third world hellhole the original poster lives in, where he can’t even get a claim for shipping damage from the courier. Like what in the living hell…?


Thanks DeeQue I already bought the other Encoder. I was really cheap I will post the results when I get this.

Again thank you.


You would be surprised…

I wanted to send something to a friend who lived across the boarder in Mexico, but he advised me not to. Apparently it’s VERY common place for boarder stations to raid boxes for gifts. So I just send him codes whenever I want to gift him something, haha.

You’re welcome. I just hope it fixes the problem.