Qanba Q1 Cut Question


Does anyone know how difficult it would be to replace the buttons and/or stick on this thing with quality parts? I don’t mind soldering and wiring but I absolutely don’t want to drill/route/grind/file etc.

Some might suggest I just get the Q4. The thing is it costs twice as much, I don’t need Xbox, it doesn’t look as nice IMO and it doesn’t have the desk clamps.


Don’t buy Qanba get a Real stick.
Go for a TE or a Hrap instead.


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Thanks anzhar! I had no idea. Are the Xbox 360 versions better for the PC, or do the PS3 ones work just as well? I know the PS3 ones had compatibility problems with PCs, but do the latest versions still have that problem?


your welcome

go for x360 as they are esier to dual mod if you need to later

as far as i know the x360 are preferred choice for pc, but you should check the sticky about whick stick to buy at top of techtalk page

the sc5 x360 version is a bargain for $80


That’s the one I got! I don’t play SC5 and it’s ugly as sin but I’m sure I can change that.


tek innovations is your friend


Just to answer the actual question, yes you can easily swap in the parts in a Q1-Cut.


dude there is even a video showing that

I’m not sure if this will take a screw-in buttons that I ordered though, maybe only snap-ins I dunno.


I have a Q1 and replaced the joystick with a Seimitsu LS-32 and all the buttons with Sanwa OBSC 30 snap ins and a 24 for the start button. Super easy mods and I absolutely love the stick.


I have to admit the case has a nicer, lower profile than I thought.

It kind of reminds me of the old Hori Namco Joystick for the PS1.

Good to hear it at least accepts new parts without much fuss! That’s a problem with well over half the joysticks made before Mad Catz got into the pro-level joystick market in 2009. Most pre-HRAP 1 joysticks just aren’t worth tinkering with to improve with new arcade-build parts… The space just isn’t there in the joystick case!

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since you modded your stick but left the art as stock… is the plexi clear or is the art printed directly on it?


Sadly the plexi has the artwork printed on it… but the plexi is easily removed (i had to do this for the LS-32) so if somebody were to create a clear plexi for it artwork would be easy to swap in. If anybody knows where i could get a plexi for the Q1 that would be awesome. Arts Hobbies doesn’t have one yet. Im hoping it isn’t too long until one becomes available. Also as for the table clamps, when i ordered the stick i thought the clamps were just a gimmick that would never leave the box. But i actually really like them, they are sturdy and really have a nice feel when clamped to my coffee table. All in all with the typical upgrades i really am enjoying the Q1.


ah that answer my biggest question mark, I think the biggest difficulty for a 3rd party plexi for this stick is the rectangular cutouts for the small buttons and the metal plugs to catch the screws since it is secured from underneath. I hope I’m wrong but I’m afraid nobody would ever make a clear plexi for this stick unless it comes from qanba itself


^ i had the same worries about the metal plugs that secure from the bottom… I know very little about plexi and that aspect of modding so i was hoping that this would be available maybe by using screws that go in from the top? But like i said i dont know much about that. I would just really like to be able to add my own artwork. I feel like my stick is 95% done and i cant put the cherry on the top.


unless art bought the stick himself i would say there is no chance of a tek innovations plexi being available for these sticks because they are not a big seller and there wouldnt be much demand for him to make these avaialable

you could of course try and get a group of you to committ to buy and ask art to make a one off batch, but you may have to send the plexi to him, its worth a try, i would say an order of 20-30 would make it a reasonable price per plexi


or just buy an acrylic panel yourself, then go to a shop that has Trodat/ Trotec stamp maker machine, they have a laser cutter to make stamp design, and here they also offer laser cutting. for the metal plugs perhaps you can use the original, or use another method


The Q1-Cut actually has -SA and -SE versions.

But it wont go with the whole “Grumpy Infraction Machine” joke.


the price of that SA SE edition of Q1 + shipping cost is more expensive than getting a more popular Q4 that is more likely in stock @ local game stores


Missing the point. Pointing out tgat the Q1-Cut has -SA/-SE editions is to point out that yes, you can easily swap in Sanwa parts.