Qanba Q1 xbox 360 arcade stick

Is this any good? Obviously is not the best, compared to Hori or MadCatz but is this decent for $75? Is it made with sanwa parts? Personally i think it looks cool but looks can be deceiving.

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It’s a great stick and it should cost about 60.

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Q1 Cut is made with Qanba’s own knock off parts. its parts are nearly identical to the Injustice stick (it just lacks the LEDs)

The Push buttons can be upgraded with the sanwa SW-68 switches, and the joystick can be upgraded with Sanwa parts or just swapped out with a Sanwa JLF.
The Sanwa JLF’s mount plate will not fit, so you need to install the original mount plate to the JLF if you decide to go this route.

The same mods are detailed in the Injustice stick thread.

Q1 Cut is good, small compact. the stock parts are not the best but for a beginner or on budget its a lot more worth it than the HORI sticks in the same under $100 price range imho.

uhm… the mounting panels are completely different from the injustice stick. (it has metal panel just like RAF series)

you can put a stock JLF with the sanwa mounting plate no problem. it fits.

here is video of parts swapping reference

My bad then.

The Q1 Cut comes with several options available through its various distributors. Here in China I can only purchase the original Sanwha q1 cut for about 45 bucks. This model uses Sanwha clone buttons and stick. The stick is GREAT but just is a little light in the spring so if you let go sometimes you get additional inputs (not EVERY time but just ONCE is enough to ruin that ONE match and if that match has money on the line then QQ’s abound). The buttons are great, register every single input, but need to be pushed down further than real Sanwha’s. Theses buttons feature weak springs and less than identical parts tolerance too so the button is featherlight but can be squeaky.

Here in China getting it fitted with all real sanwha parts are an additional 20 bucks which brings it close to your price. I would ask questions and read your distributor’s literature closely to see which model you’re purchasing as some come with real Sanwha/Seimitsu. If you’re not baller or tournament level and see yourself having 50-100 bucks spare in your monthly budgeted finances then I would get this and upgrade it over the course of a month or two. It’s slim, looks decent enough, and the table clamps are great. I wouldn’t go to Evo with this but I wouldn’t call it a piece of trash either. Considering a 35 dollar chip and another 30-50 bucks gets you parts to bring anything to tournament performance and this will last you a year of good play… I consider it a worthwile investment

Or go to evo with it and bop a bunch of fools who feel like they deserve to win because they spent more on their stick

great stick, upgradeable to all sanwa just fine, but … short cable (yet a nice quality USB jack)

Q1 Cut can be purchased with Sanwa parts.

Other notes, the stick is light. Lighter than an SE I believe. With the clamps, it’s actually pretty stable. That said, the rubber parts on the clamps can get pulled out with enough force. I’d be careful when trying to pull it out by force (or just don’t).

Really? Is this recent change?

Since day one actually iirc. Most places that still sell fight sticks in their stores (a rarity in mainland China) also have replacement parts and are happy to install them for you if you purchase from their store. A city named Shantou in Canton province is the plastics manufacturing capital of China (and probably the world) and is the place where real seimitsus and sanwhas get made. Qanba is from there and probably share factory sourcing from some of these guys.

I know this product gets a markup in overseas markets (stuff that I buy for 35 bucks here is sold at 90-100 on foreign websites) but at 75 bucks it SHOULD be including Sanwha/Seimitsus. The lowest price brick and mortar retailers located in high end electronics marketplaces will sell this stick (using qanba parts) to me after aggressive haggling is 50 bucks which means online retailers should be selling it at 60 tops (since they don’t have to worry about rent in an expensive bazaar/mall/marketplace). If it doesn’t have authentic Sanwha/Seimitsu’s I would wait till a black friday sale pops as I’ve read many people have gotten this stick for around 50 from sales offers online.

I need to get me some mainland friends who can buy me dirt cheap sticks and ship 'em to me.

That does not mean the Q1 comes with Sanwas, it means that the store will just mod the existing stick for you.
I more concern with does Qanba them selves sell the stick with what parts by default.

Darksakul, yes. Why I mentioned the other fact is to say why Qanba does this (in order to be competitive in local markets). NSC, I can do it if you trust me. shrug

No, you can in fact, buy Q1 Cuts with Sanwa’s straight off the shelf without the need to mod it.

Hi I was wondering if you guys know if the Qanba Q1 XBOX360 PCB in the stick is reliable, is it compatible with most PC USB chipsets and is it lag-free also am wondering if a 2LB JLF spring would fit in the Qanba JLF clone or if the Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator would fit and work properly with it and does a Seimitsu LS-32 mount in the Qanba Q1 case?

another reason for the mark up in price is simply the clamps. with the SPOOKY6 coupon code it knocks off $10 bringing it down to $60 after shipping. with tax it came out like $3 more on eightarc’s site.