Qanba Q1 Xbox Compatibility

I purchased a Qanba Q1 wih the intent of using it on my PS3 and PC. I’m going to a tournament where only 360’s are being used. Is there an adapter or something I can buy? Everyone says they suck, and I’d rather not mess with the insides of my stick. On the website there are two sticks, one for PS3 and one for Xbox. If this has already been answered, please point me in the right direction.
Thank you!

there aren’t any adapters worth buying, especially if you plan on attending tournaments. if you feel uncomfortable messing with the insides of your stick you are limiting yourself to pretty much just buying another Q1 xbox 360 joystick, which could come out to be less expensive than paying someone else to do it or doing it yourself if you have no equipment to begin with. if you someday muster up the courage, head on over to the dual-modding 101 thread to get started. Dual modding 101

Im trying to make it work in SFV. x360ce is not working (maybe Im missing something?). I tried the 64 bit version.

Also I tried this : (SCP) [details=Spoiler] [/details] I had no success and I dont know if it will work in windows10 with the qanba q1
I go to sleep now after 3 hours triyng to play SFV, I hope I can do something tomorrow.
Any suggestions?

*sorry my english

For SFV you can try joy2key just map the keyboard keys to their corresponding buttons and joystick and you’re all set

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