Qanba Q2 glow dual mod advice


I couldn’t find a thread specifically on how to do this so I made my own discussion. I got a Qanba Q2 glow for Christmas (big mistake). But I thought it may have dual mod capabilities. I was wondering if anyone knew specifically how to dual mod this controller or a controller very similar to it. If any has any tutorials, or tips, that would be great. P.S. I do have a ps360+ pcb from amazon. Yet the tutorials I found were only on how to dual mod a madcatz te not a Qanba Q2 Glow, also I was wondering if I could possibly dual mod it and keep the led functions.


Read the stickies
There already a ALL-Purpose Dual Mod guide.
We aren’t going to waste time and forum space on a specific guide for a piece of trash like the Qanba Q2 Glow.




With the PS360+, you could just bypass the existing wiring altogether. No reason to do an actual dual mod (meaning connecting two separate pcb’s).


Really!? would I just need a specific cable to do that?


You would just disconnect all the existing wiring from your lever and buttons, then hook up the ps360+ like you were building a new stick. If you’re unfamiliar with how to wire a new stick with the ps360+ (or any other pcb), read slagcoin then the ps360+ .pdf manual. If you’re still lost after that, just pay someone to do it for you. The ps360+ is about as easy as it gets to hook up.