Qanba Q2 or HRAP V3 SA

Well I had an Hori Fighting Stick 3 Soul Calibur IV version for a long time already and the buttons finally died on me :crybaby: (yes I know that the Fighting Stick 3 was a cheap piece of crap to begin with out of the box but if you had and played with a stick for so long you get attached to it). I am now looking for a high end stick with Sanwa parts. I do not have a credit card:sweat: and have 200 in my Amazon account so I have 2 options the Qanba Q2 or HRAP V3 SA. I know that the Madcatz TE sticks will be brought up so let me say now that …NO! I will not get a Madcatz TE stick because of two things: I had a Madcatz ps2 gamepad before and the thing broke in my hands and gave me a deep cut on my palm so I have a big grudge against the company even if the sticks are really good :arazz:. And 2 I have heard that the TE sticks does not work on PC.

Go with the HRAP V3 SA! :smiley:
More info on it here:

Funny enough, I was considering the same thing. I bought the V3-SA because there was a sale. That said I’d recommend the Q2, it’s one of the only commercial sticks with a wood construction, you’ll immediately notice the difference in stability/solidity if you’re used to plastic. In contrast, the Hori was way too light for me, lighter than a TE and I wasn’t really comfortable with it.

That was exactly why I was considering the Q2 at first because I like the design but I have not seen or read a review on it yet only the Q3 and Q4 which makes me hesitant on purchasing it.

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