Qanba Q2 Pro - Mods and Other Questions

So recently, I had gotten a new arcade stick for Christmas, in particular, this one:
I have several questions, including:
[] For artwork, will artwork for the basic Q2 Glow fit the Pro, or is the size slightly different than that of the standard glow?
] What are some restrictions to parts I can put in the Q2 Pro (Example: Will the Sanwa JLF fit with a plate or not, just an example)
[*] If I were to use LEDS in a Sanwa clear pushbutton (if those even are still available), would they still function normally, or would I have to do some extra modification?
I know, they’re not the best questions, especially since FocusAttack is down for maintenance until the 2nd of January. This thread will hopefully also allow me to get to know some of the regulars on the forums here. Thank you for your patience and reading this through.

You can install a JLF with it’s mounting plate Q2 Pro and standard 30mm Japanese push buttons just fine.

Sanwa buttons aren’t designed with build in LEDs in mind, you will have to do some modification. How you go about adding LEDs would effect the mod.
Are you using the existing or new LEDs?

As for LEDs, I would more than likely install new LEDs. Since I like consistancy, I would use LEDs to match whatever artwork I have. The problem with artwork though is that I can’t seem to find a .PSD template for the Q2 Pro, and separate plexi glass (though I might be able to get away with whatever standard material it is using to protect the artwork). Thank you for your answer, though.

EDIT: I am terrible at quotes on BBCode.

I sent the faceplate of my Q2 Pro Glow (along with some other things) to Art at Tek-Innovations a few months ago. He wanted to make a plexi and art template available to his customers. I don’t know what his status is on it, and plan to follow up with him next week after holidays. I’m sure he’ll announce something on his main page once it’s ready.

I did successfully use D3v’s template located on [THIS](The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING! Direct link is HERE. Hope this helps!

Thank you for those sources, I’ll definitely look them over. I’ll also make sure to check out Tek-Innovations in the following week, I would definitely love to see the Q2 Pro stick plexi become available to a major audience.

Also, I hope someone opens a Q2 Pro Megathread or something similar, be quite interesting.

usually Art is quite busy, new plexi and templates come only when he gets caught up in his work orders to do some R&D.

Yeah I know, I sent it back in August. Last time I talked to him early December, he said he was waiting for some new Plexi material to test. He’s also working on a Hori Fighting Edge plexi, as he has my FE stick too. I just wanted to give a heads up; I wouldn’t expect anything this week, but if I hear from him I’ll be sure to share any info.

Well, heard back from him. There were delays in getting some larger panels of plexi he needed for testing (mostly needed for Hori Fighting Edge, he’s working on that too), but he got the plexi in. Holiday business picked up as everyone got new sticks, but he should be moving along on it.