Qanba Q2

Just before I start I just wanna say that I’ve seen and read the official Qanba thread and my questions haven’t really been answered in there.
1.How long is the USB cord for the Qanba Q2?
2.For someone with big hands, is the stick okay?
3.Is it easy to mod it to work for both ps3 and xbox 360?


  1. Quite long.
  2. Yes, definitely.
  3. So far, no :frowning: My 360 Q2 + Cthulhu isn’t working yet.

Thanks for the reply.Hmm…so was it a worthy purchase?Play-asia’s shipping is 50bucks…I don’t know if I’m better off getting a TE.

Get the Q3 or 4 instead. Q4 works for both major systems right out the box. I’m about to order one myself.


yeah, after a lot of research i’m buying a Q4 over the TE & a Q3 because it reportedly works well with PCs…

working with both the PS3 & the 360 is a great added bonus…

I give up on modding this Qanba Q2 the “normal” way.

RT & LT are not connected to a “normal” ground chain it seems.
And no matter what, LEFT always activates START when paired with a Cthulhu.